Marsh headphone amp from Linear Audio

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You have a switching power supply that you get dual rails from? Do you mind sharing a schematic or a URL of how you are getting the dual rails please?

Nope -- I am using a conventional dual rail supply, unregulated, with an Amveco transformer. I mentioned the TDK-Lambda as an alternate which, for $26, would seem to do the trick quite nicely!
Been listening to the Marsh amp for a week now and can testify it sounds excellent.

Bias drifts slightly between -0.3mV - 0.5mV on each channel but generally very stable and running extremely cool, the 200mm heat sinks are way overkill it appears. Background is utterly silent, zero hiss or hum. No THD measurements yet unfortunately.

Headphones are AKG712 @ 62ohm/105db and Focal Elear @ 80ohm/104db.

The Juma / Prasi Cap Multipliers are working perfectly and highly recommended, very simple and versatile. Rails are at +/-18.5V

Big thanks to Jack for the kit and help and of course to Dr Marsh for a cracking DIY amp. Good job...


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Isn't Ideal Diode rectifier best used for higher power demanding devices like Class A speaker amplifiers? Are there any advantages of using such circuit for a low power amplifier?
I recently got a task of building power switching device based on an ideal diode and your post got me thinking.