Lowther's New Premium Range

Nice units, indeed... Unfortunately, at 1190 Euros the speaker (shipping and taxes not included), only the price deters me to buy some !

From the Lowther website :


But it's me, OK ? ;)

Premium cone PM6a have landed at my home, so at least one pair now resides in the USA. @Nelson Pass, did you get your pair yet?

My original PM6a took a very long time to break in (over a hundred hours), and sounded a bit nasal until they did. I never put much store in break in until I got the PM6a, since I actually heard the change in the middle of a song where they suddenly just opened up for good. This new pair of premium cones sounded a bit brittle for the first five minutes or so, but have already improved and are sounding quite nice. So far, I feel like the premium cone variants have a better sense of space and better detail retrieval. Really looking forward to getting some more time on them and comparing with the originals.
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If driver break in is a measurable phenomenon the company could offer this feature on orderers request?

It would be a friendly extra feature for the customer.

All changes happening over longer periods of time are quite subjective. Measurement assisted break in would be an improvement for the seller, too:

How many listeners refute the use of a good driver not waiting for the moment things turn up to better.

For my part I won't have that patience at all.
@Freedom666 Pete from Lowther Loudspeakers here.
I think you are right, but this would be very difficult for us unfortunately. All our speakers are handmade to order and we make a lot of pairs a week. If we have to run them in for 50 hours per unit it would require a lot of “run in space”. It could also add as much to 6-8 weeks to our lead time.

Our cabinets are all handmade to order. With the additional lead time on them, it gives us the ability to run in all the drive units that come with them.

But at our current capacity we can’t run the individual drive units in unfortunately. As much as we would love to.

However… any excuse to listen to more music surely isn’t a bad thing in our eyes. We don’t think the sound is bad on arrival, it just improves with age. Like all of us. ;-)
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