List of ZM projects

now, "just" to find some time , to move it to top of the list



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same display, same graphical style, but of course all functions need to be made for specific project

which means - 4 inputs, 64 step volume, encoder on front for volume - short press for incremental input change, long press PowerOn/Power Off

power On/Off is operating small relay on board which is firing either fat main mains relay ( or SS Relay) , proper muting of FE outputs must be sequenced, etc etc

of course fancy remote covering all functions

so, in short - Display and Arduino are the same as for IPumpkin, but code and number of operated functions different enough

well, that's short explanation of all things logical

now - care to clarify your question - are you asking - is it possble for someone else to make own Logic Module ..... or you are simply expressing wish for differently looking display?
I mean, could someone order a customized display, programmed by you.
For me the Zen Amount is cool, but a friend of mine asked me - if I would build an amp for him - would it be possible to have the boring "Volume" text... funny folks... :LOL:

tell him to buy Mark Levinson, instead

asking them to change title on their gadget, before purchase