Is a 21" driver too big for a 3 way speaker

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Hi Guys, Just wondering if a 21" bass driver would be too big to use at home when building a 3 way cabinet for full range audio?

Does anyone have any experience building their own 3 way speakers and using a 15" to 21" driver?
Is there just too much air movement for the music to be enjoyable?
Or do you find that this size driver is perfect and what you always wanted?

Another question.
If I have the TS parameters of the driver, and I use an online cabinet calculators (such as on the Madisound website) will I actually get good results if I build a cabinet to the dimensions given, or is trial and error still required to get good sound?

I'm considering using the new eighteen sound 21" drivers. The crossover and other aspects of the design I'm OK with, but cabinets I really don't know much about.

Any suggestions or comments would be welcome.
I was looking at the Eighteen sound 21LW1400.
They recommend the cut off frequency at 250Hz.
But I would guess that is when running at full power.
At home I would only be putting 50W RMS max into it so I would guess? that 400HZ crossover point would be OK?
The frequency response gets a bit rough above 250Hz but I guess that wouldnt be too bad?
I was hoping to cross over at 400Hz

Any comments?
I want a speaker that will move some air so that I can feel it with the bass notes, but I still want an accurate 'high fidelity' speaker with a flat(ish) frequency response.
Whats the biggest driver that i could or should get away with?
Any recommendations that anyone has had experience with?

Has anyone had experience with the cabinet calculator programs?
Are they accurate?
I did look at the graphs. As I wrote, the freq. Response does get a little shabby above 250Hz, but as I would only be giving it 50watts is it really going to sound that bad?
Or am I such a novice when it comes to speakers that I have missed something fundamental?
The graph said the speaker will go up to about 1.5Khz (although its a bit all over the place up there)
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Dude, a 1.4" driver is not going to kick anyone in the guts:whacko:

The soundsystem at Sonar, Barcelona kicked me in the guts.

I think we counted about 32 or 36 subs across the front stage, I was in front of about 14 of them, dont think I've ever moved away from a sub before, I was almost pushed out of the way of those

No idea what make or type they were though, didn't look big enough to be horn loaded
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