in my situation which FR could you be married?

Indeed! Nowadays though it's a common 'frame of reference' when folks mention HT, watching movies, musical concert, etc. DVD/BDs, but not recommending designing for it per se, only needs to account for the significant extra eff. and/or power required for such a big room, long listening distance.

IOW working it backwards, let's assume the driver can handle the THX 105 dB peaks/25 W/m with its relatively loud 85 dB avg., then 4 m away it's 105 - 12 = 97 dB peaks/25 W, 85 - 12 = 73 dB/25 W avg., which isn't as loud as some/many? folks watch a TV movie (~76 dB avg. based on various 'HT in a box' specs I saw long ago now), so must (over) drive? them up to 100 W with the associated (potentially audible) added distortion of high excursion.
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English please

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I thought they were using Ingles....

My wife is a Speaker Monogamist, she only has one pair.

I, OTOH, am a Speaker Polygamist. I got more than a few. After all, I got an Amplifier Harem.
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sorry for my newbies questions,
i think i will go for MAOP 10 or 11 ms, i would like to have your opinion for the enclosure,
i suppose frughel xl is better but it's long 54 cm i think and need to be 50cm from the wall, it will be possible (due to WAF) to in corner not be possible too.

i know there is pensil it's not a problem to build something complex if it bring something but i have seen DNA dexware or dna2 give a lower extension to 20hz, i a bit surprise and want to have opinion if you have listen
i see this too: DDBH-T15F-AD-01 from not exactly this model but this enclosure type @nandappe

and this too:
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We built the DNA box. It would have burned if we hadn’t found someone who was happy to take them.

The most common box i have seen is the Mar-KenM10T trapezoid, but FHXL or Pensil reach lower. Add helper woofers to the Mar-Kens and you can surpass or equal their bass extenmtion while at the same time releivignb the bottom.

ML-Voigts can be good, but we have not verified Nandape’s. He also seems to be using existing designs for drivers they were not originally designed for.

For the M10 any A10.3 box should work, including the pre-chamber TL of Scott’s you linked. There are more than a few others.

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I won't disagree GM. My main points are that digging deep in the sub department creates problems (fixable yes, but not by most average guys). And spending a lot of effort and or money on a limited budget reaching for the last precious hz could be better spend on making overall better speaker. Sometimes at least.😊
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Yes coloured. So much that friends would surprised say "Oh! That sounds gooood!"
They were driven by small Logitech sub which was perfectly fine in my cramped home office. No sub bass ofc.
Thanks planet I will EnABLe mine too. Im not sure they are suited for EnABLe plus alu so ill save that for others.