Scheduled for feasibility study Image is too big error without info on what you want from image size and type.

This issue is considered important and has been scheduled for further investigation or feasibility as time and priorities allow
For several boards I use this site to reduce the size of photos, you can choose how much you want to reduce it by.
The default is 50%. It's quick and simple to use.



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2003-06-12 7:04 pm
Maine USA
testing... yes, waxx's file is under 4MB, runs to 90+%, and then says "The uploaded image is too big." Which disagrees with "10MB" in documentation found somewhere else.

However.... why do we need a 6000 pixel image IN a forum message? Are we studying image grain? The cone is larger than life. 1500px is plenty big for my screen.


And is under 1MB, with minimal compression. 0.26MB with web-appropriate compression.
for me it's that i need to convert the files, not the size (that is determined by my reflex camera). It's still as unhandy as before (which is a minor issue) but it's mainly that there is not defined limit (which is the major issue). It was better before because i knew what the limits were.
This is a 6..07MB photo I took on "zoom" from 20 ft away through the double glazing of our French windows, with a little Lumix camera, then reduced by 50% using this free site.

I think the definition is still quite good despite the reduction.
This message board can handle this size fine.

I think you're all missing the point, the point is not the size, but the lack of definition of what size and format is wanted. If it needs to be smaller, it can, but tell me what size like on the old site.

Does it matter?
The example I've given works on several boards where a full 6MB photo is too large, which many other boards can handle.

No one else complains.