How long will movie theatres still survive?

I haven't been to cinemas for years so went on the net and just checked our local situation here in the capital area, and there's a relative new 350 seat IMAX theater with 4k laser projector I wasn't aware of, that would be pretty cool to visit, for 24€/person..
Smaller or less sophisticated theaters are 20€/person, I see also some other perhaps not so special movies down to 15€ or so.
But the prices have gone up a lot also due to a certain current situation, and due to that people aren't allowed anymore bring their own snack because of lower revenues.


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2004-10-07 6:05 am
Movies are now, and always have been, cheap entertainment. I know that people love to whine about movie ticket prices, but take a look at what else you can go out and pay for to get 2.5 hours of entetainment at that price. Concerts, plays, opera, sports, amusement parks? Not even close. A decent meai out? Pushing it. How about a book? About the same price, and you don't even get sound!

When people tell me how expensive movies are, I ask them "what was your last bar tab?"
Went to the movie theater this week with the family. They dragged me to see the latest Spiderman… Well an other superhero one, oh boy…
Best two last movies I saw were the French Dispatch at the theater, and Power of the Dog on Netflix. Real artistic movie for the Dispatch, real movie for Power, very weird, strange feeling, surprising ending, gourgeous filming, real cinema…

Just before Christmas, the latest Dune, Wow, what a movie, and yes I read all the Dune books, and prequels as well, was a big fan. Villeneuve vision was so great. People cheers and applauded at the end. That’s what movie theatre experience is about.
"what was your last bar tab?"
Perhaps I'm not the best example, I invited a guy over and think it cost me about 1.5$ for two litres of pitch black 9% beer, and about 3$ for the other stuff we had, fraction frozen mead and cherry wine. A single beer out is probably almost 10$ now, and I'm not fond of the music they play.

The Cinema by itself is not so bad, I agree. It's just that usually we also get a meal afterwards and for a family of four it adds up. If we where just 2 it would be okay.
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2007-08-17 5:48 pm
Oakland, CA
While very few films are shot in 70mm anymore, I still like the IMAX projection format and appreciate the level of sound quality that accompanies it (the seats are also typically more comfortable). It looks like the IMAX 2K digital projection standard (2048x1080 & xenon lamps) from 2008 has been superseded by Dolby Digital (using Dolby Vision and Dolby ATMOS sound) which is why IMAX has been upgrading select locations with IMAX Laser 4K digital projection (4096x2160 and a brighter laser lights source) and 12.1 surround sound. Also, unlike the older IMAX digital projectors, the new ones can fill the original IMAX screen (1.43:1 aspect ratio). Interestingly enough, films like The Batman mentioned above, were shot using IMAX-certified cameras (which is not the same as shooting in 70mm IMAX) in the anamorphic aspect ratio (2.39:1). Which means Dolby Digital is the best exhibition format for such a film, unless you happen to live near a cinemaplex with IMAX Laser theaters.

Here’s a website (in English) to see if there’s one in your zip code:
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I am old enough to remember the Batman TV series. We used to call it "Men in Tights".

More Camp than a row of tents.


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When I was in London, I used to visit Riverside Studios a lot. Two theatres and two screens and a pleasant cafe bar which invited you to linger before and afterwards.

Free Art exhibitions too.

They did all sorts of discounts for the unemployed and seniors too, so quite democratic.

Arthouse movies for the most part. French films and the like. A very pleasant part of town on the river at Hammersmith.

Still going strong.