how do i make 1000000w amp ?


2004-12-25 8:36 pm
Nordic said:
That is a waste of money, surely the speaker shipped in a cardboard box...

no it came in an envelope here is a pic


Alright, I'm done now ;) This was a parody of the threads that keep popping up in here - newbies asking how to build ridiculously powerful amps without any experience - commonly to drive a subwoofer or to outdo a friend or something silly :D
1000000W amp

Why not make your first project a neutron bomb? it would be about as simple! and if you made one of those you would not have to worry about the biggest sub........
First some very simple math 1000000/12VDC=83333Amps, lets see thats a whole LOT OF ALTERNATOR AND BATTERIES! And you speaker has a 3 foot voice coil wound with 8 gauge wire and 500+ pounds of magnet.
Project sounds simple enough Hmmmmmm........