hornresp input for CUBO12?


Hi Fredi, this graphics show everything, I mean, the cubo is an offset layout so it generates a lot of dips in the frequency response as we can see.
Looks like also from 500Hz to 7kHz the SmallHorn present higher SPL.

They were measured with the same driver?
is there a similar tapped horn to Cubo12 that is arranged so as to have less dips and thus smoother for high xover application?

Tapped horn no, is the nature of tapped horn to have the driver offset, so I think this models is only for subwoofer and kickbin, but there are many BP6P that does not present this issue and will present high SPL output as TH. that is BP6S.

The back chamber is like all vented box, and the front chamber the driver should not be offset, even for models with offset front chamber, there is a way to remove this offset.

Check below, the models: Altec817, Splanar, Whorn, WMX, WLX will not have the issue once the driver are front loaded, so no dips. The models BP6P5, BP6P9 could be a good candidate to remove the offset and fix the issue too if you need wider bandwidth.


Note: Some vent port could have the design improved to reduce port noise / compression.
my friend's observations and POV on the two cabinets he recently made are interesting

I believe he liked the Eminence Commonwealth12 guitar speaker better than the Kappa12A spec PYM1298


As you noted, the Cubo graph looked kind of K-ish, but the completed speaker has none of the K coloration, and the driver as the box presents it is backwards and sideways! I had low expectations for the Cubo's bandwidth; as you noted I also thought we'd be lucky to get over an octave.

Similarly, the Cubo has an open BR sound, and the Smallhorn, with its flatter and more extended midrange graph has a slightly hollow sound in comparison, and the seemingly small difference at around 60hz is immediately obvious. One box has thump, the other doesn't.
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Here's a few dips from Cubo12 loaded with a 25lb Eminence Commonwealth 12 speaker (preferred vs PYM1298 Plye which was just like Kappa 12A).

Its compared to a powered sub with two cheap 12" Dayton drivers".


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