help with JBL 2360A project

Hi Charly, you got some great Horns and if allowed I would suggest the BMS 4591 MidrangeDriver. Its possible to go down to 350Hz with that driver and dont get in trouble! The Tweeter is surely a good choice, 2405 is a well working high range!
The bass is surely not such a good choise, and I would suggest a combination with a 817 Altec enclosure for example!


mmm, that bms 4591 looks damn tempting.
if going that low at 2watt in that 2360 horn sounds still sweet, that would be killer.
then i could go active with my woofer while i save money for something better.

frank, did you have chance to test the 2360a bms4591 combination? what about going down 500hz?

thanks in advance, and sorry if asking same things again.

Frank, I tried to say that thos Bass cabinets are really big, I know it's not ideal, but I would like to have a bass bin that is narrower than the horn, I think that will help the horn better in terms of WAF.

More10, I've read about the selenium D405, people says it's good. Will try to find a dealer in Chile. The thing is that if they are not available here, I still would have to import them from USA (I am not familiar with Brazilian Post service), so at the end It will be if a question of which CD sounds better.

Hi Charly, lets be open! The 2360 are not small horns, they are huge. 80 cm wide and high and 82 cm deep! The 817 is not that much bigger. 85cm high, 95 cm wide and 67.5 cm deep. And be honest, an adequate enclosure for a 18" is also not a bookshelfspeaker! So where is the problem? :)
The Seleniumdriver looks not bad, but I dont know it in real and so I cant tell about the performance. But what I do know is that the BMS is the best you can get for a acceptable price (315.-EU) and that specific use down to 400, maybe 350 Hz!


The audioplanet link is way too slow here in Europe. The titanium model might work, but it is titanium :(

I found a frequency graph for the phenolium! "Tubo de ondas planas" must mean "plane wave tube". There is a small dip at 400 Hz. It reaches 2,5 kHz which might be too low for a supertweeter. If you want it, ask the store to get a pair for you.

The BMS is a killer, but will cost a lot in chile I believe.
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It looks like there's going to be some strategic decisions to make in this project. It shouldn't be too dificult to source suitable woofers able to play relatively clean up to 500Hz. If you have to go for a low XO-point between 2360 and supertweeter in order to reach below 500Hz in the 2360-horn, I think that would be an inferior solution.

At least I would choose a clean and uniform response in the critical upper midrange/low treble. With the more common JBL 2445/2446 you should easily get response from 500->7-8kHz. That will be my startingpoint anyway - possibly a little higher XO between woofers-2360 (aka 7-800Hz).
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If you really want a bass horn that will keep up with those 2360's I think you should go for another design. The altec 815 is great but doesnt do much below 100hz. But from 100hz to 1k there a force to be reckoned with. Ive often thought of building a single driver version with slightly angled side to use as a upper midbass to lower midrange horn.

Or theres always a back horn, my personal favorite. But they do have there drawbacks.

Great system More10, congratulations. Yep, those Hi freq horns are nice. I dont mind a lot what is the HF solution, but I agree it has to be at high freq. for instance 6khz. Probably directivity will dictate what is the best point.

Frank, I am trying to find a Bass bin design that give some "movement" to the speakers, one alternative would be to have a bass enclosure that is thinner than the horn, think it aestetically looks better, for instance, Avant Garde does something similar, but the issue is Avant Garde bass integration really suck with those tiny subwoofers. I am thinking probably about going active with a good 15inches woofer. By the way, those Nine10 bass bins look nice to me...

Looks like, If we want to do things right, I should get that BMS 4591. At work we have an office in Denver and Atlanta, so I will start keeping an eye to see when someone is comming to Chile. Thay would save lots of money, but will take a while to be arranged.