help with JBL 2360A project

Hi there,

I ve been looking for a Horn project since long ago.
i think I got lucky this time, a friend is giving me a pair of JBL 2360A for free.
i am worried by the size but i annot let pass this oportunity.
i am in Chile so importing these horns from usa would be imposible so here i am.

I am very ignorant about horns, but have seen a few projects with 2360A that alwais appealed to me a lot.

here some data to work with:

Room: 8mt width x 7mt long

dac: Buffalo IiI with balanced and single end output. can use both outpus if neccesary to feed two amplifiers

Amplifier: japanese SET 45 with Tango Irons (great stuff) 8ohms output only. not a lot of power so impedance should math.
i have also a SS 100W amplifier, i want to avoid it as much as possible, but I will use it with woofer if really really needed. At the moment I have a 97db woofer, so seems it will be necesary to match horns sensitivity.

tweeter: thinking to buy a jbl 2405h on ebay (because i love everest d55000 and fell in love with these tweeters)

mid: horn JBL 2360a, looking for good and cheap CD to go from 350-500hz to 6khz-8khz

bass: reaching quality 40hz-50hz should be ok for me. i already have a Eminence omega ori 18a with me and want to use it in the beggining to save cash, can get a 100db woofer later...

Crossover: I would rather passive, since I like my DAC and like my 45 SET amp, want to avoid touching sound as much as possible, but want a bunch more of sensitivity to drive my amp better.

Current speakers: 94db open baffle Saba green cones with 18inch woofer. first order passive crossover. i like it but is the weak link now for my System. mids are great but I lack detail and dynamics, I want more high end stuff.

so my questions:
1) does it sound good project, something to finish your speaker building career?
2) looking for a 2inch driver that can do the job, with quality sound. Buying in chile would be much cheaper, but only optons at the moment seems to be here:
Selenium d3305ti
Eminence PSD 3006-8ohm
rcf n850 (more expensive, more power, dont know if better in Sound Quality)
the selenium is cheap at 200usd in Chile, and i tend to think it will sound good.
3) lots of CDs are 16ohms, my woofer is 8ohms, whats better to end up with a 8ohms load to the amplifier? 8 or 16ohms CD?

So your help and experience will be invaluable to make the right choices.
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This morning I went to a storage to see the pair of JBL 2360A. They are in perfect condicion, with its stands. Only missing one of the adaptors, but that will be easier to get from Ebay.

My main concern now is, what CD to choose, so I can get 350hz - 6khz response with good quality...
I've also got that horn, but haven't started building yet. So not an expert, but have read about some of the projects and picked up some guidelines and experiences.

Woofer-issue first: I believe it's not recommended to cross the 2360-horn lower than ~500Hz. An 18" woofer would probably not work very well so high up i frequency. My advice would be to get a more suitable driver from start.

Secondly: If you're going for passive XO, I think it would be wise to choose the original CDs from JBL (2445, 2446). Main reason would be to find and get some relevant experience and input from users of theese horns. You should be able to find used drivers at a reasonable price.

For more info about the 2360-horn, the Lansing Heritage-forum is an informative site.
Lansing Heritage Forums
The stock driver for those is a jbl 2445 or newer 2446. They are both go down to 500hz. If you want to go below that you need the phenolic diaphragm cd. They are jbl 2470, 2482, and 2485.

If you want alnico drivers then the 2440 is the one to go for in an aluminum diaphragm. The 2470 is also alnico with a phenolic diaphragm. The phenolic diaphragm drivers will do down to 350hz with out a problem. Some say they will work down to 60 hz without an issue. But Im not to sure of this.

The phenolic ones are more sought after then the aluminum counterparts. They are said to had a more relaxed sound. More pleasing to the ears. I like them, they are a tad warm sounding. But they dont do the highs all to well.

Many thanks for your feedback.
I plan to use a horn supertweter like JBL 2405, so Phenolic diafragm sounds good, I will research about it.

Shipping and customs are a cost issue. Today I have found an 18 Sound dealer in Chile, So I want to explore if there is a good driver for that job on that brand.

I agree, my main concern now is Bass integration. Probably I can start experimenting with the right CD, but will need a more Hi-Fi woofer soon, that can work well up to 500hz.

Yes, I have been reading Audio Heritage and there are good tips about a project with this horn.

Lansing heritage is a great site. But there just jbl and altec. There are plenty of other good drivers out there. It just happens to be there some of the best. But I'd try and find what ever you use locally. But regardless if it were me I would cross at 500 at minimum. Honestly, I use and have used both 2440's and 2445 and I cross them at 800hz. I think crossing at 500hz makes them sound rather strained. But those are aluminium diaphragms.
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I ve been using a the 45 RCA, giving 2watts.
do you think it still will perform poorly at such a low power?
The horn cut frequency for the horn is at 350hz

I was counting that at such a low power, using a CD that goes lower woudnt be an issue.
but I have no experience with horns, so just a guess.
the issue here is that trial and error is expensive.
2 watts will do fine. Your probably talking in the 90 db range 10 feet away at 2 watts. But probably higher. Most 2 inch drivers have a sensitivity of at least 106 db for 1 watt meter. That's including a horn.

I barely go over a watt at a normal listening level. I'm talking 70 to 80 db.
500Hz is pushing it with that horn- it's right up to the limits of the loading. If you can go half an octave up that gives you a lot more wiggle-room, and the polar pattern of a 15" will be narrowing anyway, though you'll need to find a well-controlled 15" without bad breakups within that passband.
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Looks like at the end, I need a good quality Woofer that can go up nicely, at least up to 500hz. Also with high sensitivity (my target would be 100db minimum).

Do you have any suggestion for using a single driver like that?
I imagine only very expensive TAD or JBL drivers will do it.
An Altec 515 would be a great woofer if you want a really efficient driver. There rated around 100 db. There one of the best 15 inch drivers there is. But there not the cheapest. But there not as expensive as a tad though. Now if you are ok in the 97 db range jbl 2225's are a nice driver. And they can be had for a song. There good up to 1 kHz.

Are you going to be biamping them?
I know that I am being difficult :) , but would like to use only a Tango 45 SET (2W). Anyway I have the gear required to Biamp and experiment.
At an initial development stage, I plan to get the right CDs and a JBL2405, and start biamping my Eminence Omega Pro 18a and see how that goes up to 500hz. Know I am using it crossed at 400hz at a different Open Baffle system.
Don't worry your not being difficult. No, the altec 515 would beat anything you put it up again in the midbass region. In my opinion. I forgot a out the omega pro. An 18 won't do as well when asked to produce higher frequencies. A 15 does much better do to moving mass. Plus there are more efficient woofers out there.. If you run a the workers on a separate amp of, I'd say 10 watts or a little more you would do ok with a 97 db woofer. But if you don't want to crank it up once in a while you can do with less Are they going into a small room or a large one?

I will say again that I do think that the jbl 2" drivers I've used sound better when crossed over a bit higher then 500hz. I think you would do better going with a higher crossover point and another bass driver. To be honest. Plus the phenolic drivers are not as common as the aluminum counter parts.
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Room is arround 8 meters wide X 7 meters long. It is my living room at home.
Currently I use Open Baffle with Saba Green cones and Eninence woofer, sensitivity is arround 94db and I get almost enough SPL with my loved 45s RCA Globe.

I would expect to get more Hi Fi sound on High frequencies, and also more dynamics...
Anyway, sound now is quite good. It makes good music, but tweeter is not detailed at all...