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My 3D-printed loudspeaker, on Fountek FR89EX
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FH-XLs are awfully far from having any loading on the mouth. What happens when you move them backwards?
Yeah, wondering if there's enough loading to control the driver down low in essentially 4pi space.
The joist seems to be there, so they could sit on a board.
Just wondering, what would be the expected result from being moved back with a narrow 'floor' to the wall, but having the floor gap (and then ledge) on the front?
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Correct, consequences.

I may add floor, the wall behind them is 100 yr old 1/2” ply. Maybe turn the whole listening setup.
I’ll try them inside in the living room at some point.
Drivers have a solid 35mins.

Fun build! They already sound more balanced, full (or some other descriptive audio word) than the Fostex folded horn kit I had in the same spot.

>>>>>>>> You may not have to add a floor if the speakers can span the gap.<<<<<<<<:bomb:
How so? It's a water based paste, so to be uniform on a slope it takes a relatively thick coating IME . Back when ya'll first mentioned it I didn't equate it/nor remember the brand/whatever water based decoupage goop I used on dozens of projects for the various ladies in my life during its '80s 'craze', but sure cussed it enough on the curved wood box purses, etc..
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Alright, switched FHXL to the other side so they could be close to a wall. Convincing. I’ll have to rearrange a couple things so the space is more functional but first impressions are full sound, nice image and resolving (? - I understand lyrics & sounds more clearly).
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