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I'll start... This is my 3rd pair of "T-Horns"; too bad I couldn't keep them, because I sold it...


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The drivers are TangBand W3-871S

The low extension is 70Hz in free space, and 62Hz when placed near a wall corner (like on the 1st picture).

There's enough bass for music, I use them without the sub. The result is amazing ! Really the best value/price design I've ever heard :D

The attached picture shows the front speakers, with the center channel that isn't really fullrange.


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I have tried to build my final speakers. Well we will see how long I will keep them.

The construktion is for the Fostex FX200. The faceplate is to absorb a peek at 8 kHz. There are no filters or passive components between the speaker and the amp.

cya Till


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WOW all of those look amazing!

layertone, Can you tell us more about the t-horns. I can't seem to find any information about these except pictures of your second pair. Those were a lot of work! In one of the other pictures I can see your wood work, which looks phenomenal.
How does the T horn sound compared to the TLs you built. Do you have any drawings?
I see the "half seize hedlund horns" Those two are amazing buy the way. How do those sound? Can we see more pictures? Again any designs?

link to pictures of your second pair? here



wow i didn't know you track those pictures down to the other fullrange site! There's not alot of information, simply because i don't know much about horns. You can find my first layered project was back in 1999



i try to cut that curved subwoofer with a jigssaw, but didn't work, so i asked a guy at work to cut with a cnc router.

I was determined to search for an affordable one; almost got the Shopbot CNC (www.shopbottools.com) but decided to go all out with a more robust one, http://www.techno-isel.com/CNC_Routers/LC_Series_CNC_Routers.htm

I also got a Oneida-Air Cyclone 2-stage dust collector to pickup all that MDF dust, eek!


My first prototype folded horn using Fostex to test was a layered Mauhorn 12; i just decided to use 1/4 clear polycarb for the side, seen here:

I was amazed by the sound, so I completely start from scratch and came up with my own T-Horns (almost look like Buschhorns, because the mouth is in the back)

I like the layered concept because the expansion is smooth and continuous (does that allow better sound??? anyone know?). No trying to bend plywood or use bendy MDF... yuk!

To answer some of your questions, compared to the TLs, the T-Horns sound like a rush / wall of sound. High, mids and lows are excellent; sounds like a big speaker

The TLs do have the lows and high, but sounds like a much smaller speaker than the T-Horns.

Yes, it is alot of work, it's my first several trys, I'm just a rookie and still learning; as you can see from my descriptions, i'm not really technically sound savy.

The half size hedlund were just an excercise for the real ones. I only built 1 of them just for R & D

More designs to come as time allows.
Here's some 3.75m (12') horns I built. Sound nice now I got the amount of stuffing right.
Bass extention is good, as is the overall tonal balance. Perhaps a bit bass heavy in our smallish lounge room.
CAT 5e cables brought it into line.


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Another Jordan TL

Another standard Jordan TL :cool:

Finished in Curly Birch and driven by one of Peter Daniels LM3875 Premium kit and a Scott Nixon Tube DAC (can you say 'mimimalistic'... ). The veneer on both speakers is bookmatched.

Low end is supported with a small subwoofer (Alcone AC8SW and a seperate poweramp), finished in Birdeye Maple.

I really enjoyed doing the veneering and I'm very, very happy with the results :D


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