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Mine ( far right ) came from a 1957 Zenith tube powered console. Mint condition and cost all of $35 at a local thrift store. It was pre-stereo but had the 802's, tweeters and a pair of wonderful sounding 8" drivers. They all had alnico motors. I would think buying a console would be your best bet and if it's tube based it should have the 800 series speakers. The 800's have a ugly beige front gasket which I painted black.

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My second pair of speakers that I have built myself last year. The vifantastisch (Vifa TC9FD). They sound so well for the buck, that I had to build a second pair for a friend of mine.
This is in my livingroom for TV. Not the best placement of course but still nice to listen to voices and music.

After that, I wanted to have speaker with a little more oomph, so I made a pair of TABAQ with Tangband W4-1320SIF. My skills in building and confidence with tools have improved quite a bit. This TABAQ do outperform the vifasntastisch thats for sure, but I still like the Vifantastisch more. They sound more balanced and pleasant with voices and instruments. They sound more right. I have a correction circuit in the TABAQ.
Pics in my office room.
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Why? - I feel the high's are not as resolving as other drivers. I have compared it with an old philips 8" FR which as good more details in high frequency
What should you switch to? not yet finalized may be a Lii audio F 6/8 or TB 1808
Which bass drivers do you have now? Eminence Alpha 15A
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may be a Lii audio F 6/8 or TB 1808
My experience with the TB is that it was not as resolving (as you say) as the Lii Audio Crystal 10 I’ve tried.

The Lii is an excellent speaker and rates very high in my experience…maybe even in the same league as my Sonido field coils.

I’m comparing the TB to various Fostex drivers, Lowthers and the Sonido.

To be honest, after living with the TB and trying several other full/wide band drivers in both front horns and open baffles I found the TB to have an overall muted sound.

I think others refer to it as “layed back”.

In a sense I can understand why it might be a welcome characteristic in a fullrange driver by someone having previously experienced shouting in the upper midrange of a few other fullrange drivers.

I eventually put them aside because I felt they sacrificed too much detail.


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Yes and there I didnt feel any issues
Then it's most likely your crossover that is bad, and eats treble. Chainging drivers won't change that much. Mark Audio drivers are farily neutral in sound, but need a long run in to shine (+100h), before they don't sound good. That is wel documented and also recommended by the company. But if you want a very bright driver, Fostex and Lii are that. But if you did like the driver without bassdriver (and crossover), it's not the driver, but your crossover that is the issue.