Frugel-Horn Mk3

I tried removing stuffing from the front, and there is still way too much chestyness. Even moved them out of the corners, no difference. Are you guys sure the proper setup for the fe-126 is no stuffing in the front? There is simply way too much high frequency energy coming out the back port. I stuffed a bunch of poly fill in the bottom, and it was perfect. Still lots of bass coming out the back, just deeper. Try it. Still in love with these speakers.
One down....

Finally finished the first Mk3 with the Tang Band driver. Too many hours of wet sanding. If I do this again..... gonna be veneer!


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My wife really likes them. The look, the sound... This means I can keep them in the living room.:D I have quite a few hours to go before the other one is finished though.
I've seen some amazing woodwork on this web site. Which was a major driving factor in spending so much time on these. Thanks everyone for the nice words. Hopefully in a couple weeks I can post some pics of the set.
:D How is it possible that the 3 inch driver alpair 7.3 can produce this much bass? I am listining to formula 1 racing and it is just awesome!! The physics behind it must be pretty amazing. :p

it's not of course, all of us thinking we're hearing something special from this driver are victims of Mark's telepathic abilities :D

with the number of listeners world wide, how does he manage that? :rolleyes:

silly good little bugerz aren't they?


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2011-02-04 11:35 am
Giving Kodo's Mondo Head a listen on the FH MK3 with CHP-70 Gen1. Getting good sound and BIG sound. To reiterate what last few posts have already stated, it's pretty amazing.

Again kudos to the Scottmoose and other brains behind the design. The synergy with a range of drivers (judging from user comments) makes it very convenient for the DIY community. And not to mention a very elegant, WAF friendly design. I had guests at the house a couple of days back and one of my friends mentioned that besides speakers these are also very nice "home decor". :D

:D How is it possible that the 3 inch driver alpair 7.3 can produce this much bass? I am listining to formula 1 racing and it is just awesome!! The physics behind it must be pretty amazing. :p

They sound like they go lower than they do. I listened to some larger speakers after some FH3s and the difference in bass extension was obvious.

That's not to say the FH3s are bad: they get a lot out of a small driver, but it is still a small driver, so don't expect full output low down.

Definitely. While the purists may argue about adding complexity, my own experiences have shown me that, for a (relatively) small wide-band driver to shine, something else should do the heavy lifting: small drivers shouldn't be forced to move a lot.
I use a pair of tapped horn subwoofers in my system to handle the bass that the smaller drivers simply can't do. Stopping the bass going to the smaller drivers cleaned the sound up, especially at higher volumes.

Details on my sig.

To test, listen to a track with plenty going on down low through some decent headphones and then the FH3s. Ideally, you'd have a way of quickly switching between the two.
I use Radiohead - In Rainbows - 15 step - YouTube
Just watch out, as the actual bass comes in after around 19sec, so don't turn it up through the speakers until after then. Even so, watch out for pushing them too far: the cones are fragile.

+1 on Chris661's comment - driven within limits the 7.3 can certainly be safely used unfiltered, but like any welter-weight class FR driver, it benefits substantially from relief of the heavy lifting. I personally prefer XO at line level (either basic passive, or full blown digital with EQ, etc - up to user) - in my particular application this is performed with a HT receiver, so XO on 3 Alpair 7s in the front row is at 110HZ.
Finally finished the pair!

After a few honey do's trumped completing the second FH Mk3 I finally finished it. So impressed with the sound. Once the drivers are well broke in I'm sure it'll be even better. I probably spent ten time longer wet sanding and buffing than I did building them. A long process for sure but worth it.


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