Forum Migration - General Q&A


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2008-10-18 11:31 am
I just ran a test in advanced search. I searched for posts by you, with the term "congratulations and successful", and it brought up your last post.

Then I searched for posts by you, with the term "congratulations and successful and cheese", and it returned no post results.


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2013-07-22 3:15 pm
If I search the forum, I search for a specific subject or issue. I do not need my search to be biased by 'popularity', I don't feel that this would give me better results. Maybe even the opposite.
YMMV of course.

+1 for this. I've found lots of useful stuff by receiving unadulterated search results. Popularity != quality.

And another plea for no like / popularity / kudos system - this garners engagement for the wrong reasons.

A HUGE thank you for all the hard work the wonderful DIYAudio team continues to put in :D

edit: I miss the old smileys... Zenmod's posts just won't be the same hehehe


2019-12-28 9:16 pm

Seems there’s a problem with the web page render - iOS 15.1 on iPhone 7


Powder Monkey
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2000-10-08 1:19 pm
I just wanted to say I really like the appearance of the new software. Not technical or terribly important but it is a refreshing change.
This is good to hear. As mentioned ad-nauseam, this is just the beginning. Things will improve from here.
Small question. I've noticed when browsing on my phone I'm seeing adverts at the bottom of the screen which I don't get on the browser and I had assumed I wouldn't get. Is this expected?
Rogue ads have been quashed. It seems Google Adsense decided to run an "automatic experiment" due to the lack of a file being transferred across from the old site.

Nick - I assume that was an ads thing if not please post URL and device.
Generally ehjoying the new platform and finding my way around.
One issue I would note is the rounding up on forum views & posts.
My most popular subwoofer thread (which unfortunately I did not start)
TH-18 Flat to 35hz! (Xoc1's design)
on the old platform was up to 1,075,000 views but now is rounded up to 1M and 3K posts. Which is not very useful for me to monitor any activity on the thread. Maybe it will clock up to 2M in another 10 years or so?
Is there anyway to check the statistics on large threads?