Forum Migration - General Q&A

Francois G

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2004-06-16 8:36 pm
Another question, how do I delete unwanted conversations ?
I can select individual ones, but there is no "delete" in the action list that follows.

Thx in advance,
Bump. I have not seen a reply to this question.

It appears that new (since the switch) conversations are threaded and you can “leave” it. But old PMs are individually listed. The issues is that the “select” button does not allow the selection of more than one PM, so it seems that each old message has to to individually selected and “left” to get rid of it. Am I missing something?


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2008-10-18 11:31 am
Francois, you should be able to click more than one box at a time. Then you can choose an action at the bottom of the screen.
Screenshot from 2021-12-31 01-57-15.png
Hello, in general - I like the new format, but am having trouble with all my watched threads being lumped into one big folder. Previously I had sorted them more or less according to the topic (Speakers, Amps, Crossover, etc) now I have to scroll through the whole thing to find one item. Any chance we can get that functionality back?

Thanks - Sixto.