Fake STK3152/STK3102


2012-12-27 12:07 am
Hello, I was just planned to order a STK3102 in ebay...and now I really hesitate :). The ampli I have is a marantz PM-80 and I am investigating but more and more think on a failure on this STK3102IV.
However, when I saw the soldering on the picture, cannot do this on so small. So is it possible to order it with components soldering and not only the PCB? Alternatively how to find a real STK3102IV? ( As my case is similar to pioux, guess french will get a lazzy reputation...)


2012-03-26 8:08 pm
If you order the PCB from JLCPCB or PCBWAY you can also order a solder stencil with the PCB. Then there are tutorials video online about screen printing the paste with the stencil. It might be an interesting new challenge to learn perhaps? Or perhaps not for everyone? JLCPCB can do the assembly but it is a bit of a learning curve in KiCad to do the BOM and centroid file if you do not have regular need to learn such skills.