ELEKIT TU-8900 2A3/300B

Custom made
acrylic plate.

AUDIO NOTE SILVER 0.1uf coupling cap
Speaking of using headphones with the 8900, for the last few weeks I have been using the HD580 on the 8900 and the combo is one heavy hitter. I skipped all my resistors on the headphone board so the headphone out on my 8900 is equivalent to running out of speaker taps. I rolled in some RCA Black Plate 12BH7As this week and the performance went up another notch. I am extremely happy with the 8900. Waiting to complete the open baffle build with the Lii F15 drivers so I can start using speakers too with the amp.

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2003-10-11 4:37 pm

Signal Path - Audio Note Tantalum Resistor 46 PCS + Amtrans AMRG 1% 2W X 2
Coupling Cap = Audio Note Silver Cap 0.1 X 2

3.3ohm X 2 + 8.2ohm X 2 Takman 2%

Wow. Looks great! How does it sound?

Those AN Tantalum resistors are supposed to sound great, but not cheap. How much did the resistors cost?

Also, I've heard great things about those AN silver foil caps.

Your amp must really sing!


2022-02-23 4:13 pm
Hi, I finished building my 8900 last week and wow it really is good, it’s had about 10 hours use and it seems to be getting better every time I switch it on.
Unfortunately I have just switched it on and the fuse has blown so I took the cover off checked the connections and replaced the fuse , switched it back on and the fuse blew agai, so annoying as it’s been perfect.
Any ideas what it could be and where to start looking.
All help will be much appreciated
Thanks Scott.


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2022-02-23 4:13 pm
I have a pair of cosser we300b that I bought from you last week, a pair of rca 12bh7a and a pair of rca cleartop 12au7a.
the first fuse blew with the 12bh7a so I changed to 12au7a and it blew again.
I do have some more 12au7a that I have in my dac but I will have to wait until tomorrow to try as I have some more fuses coming tomorrow.