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I was 11 too : 1975... The radio was playing Radio-Activity from Kraftwerk.

I never stopped to listen to EM since then... Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Robert Schroeder, Bernd Kistenmacher, Steve Roach, Isao Tomita...

After a slump of the EM in 90s, you can add today the huge and remarkable collection of EM tracks that you can find just via YouTube ! Michel Goguelat, Sonus Lab, Vanderson, The Intangible, Max Corbacho, Carbon Based Lifeform, Stellardrone, Nimanty, Starterra... Just to name a few.

The list is endless ! :cool: :cool: :cool:

Yes e3k !

Isao Tomita was also a designer in Hi-Fi (he designed OTL tube amps, among others) and synthesiser equipment. His compositions were all premium recorded on high quality RCA Victor vinyls. These are classic music replayed on synths, with new tones, but all the feeling of the original works of the masters like Moussorgski, Villa-Lobos, Ravel, etc... Mr Tomita passed away in 2016.


Robert Schroeder was - and is - also a synthesiser builder. His first albums mentioned "Robert Schröder plays self-built synthesisers only". I started to buy his records since his debuts in the early 80s, when he signed on Klaus Schulze label Innovative Communication, starting with Harmonic Ascendant, Floating Music, Galaxie Cygnus-A, ComputerVoice, Paradise, Pegasus, TimeWaves, Driftin... Today, his style has somewhat changed - and I must confess that it has lost part of its originality, unfortunately. I am in contact time to time with him. A very kind man, by the way. His website : https://www.news-music.de/


In the late 80s and early 90s, I thought that EM was dead, bluntly stopped, mind-stripped and transformed in a questionable pop/dance music. "True" EM was in a slump, but fortunately, the flame was not extinct : the advent of CD, then Internet, reopened the door in full, giving all the compositions and creators that we have today, from all over the world !

Even some classic Berlin School compositions like Rubycon (P1) by Tangerine Dream...


... Are adroitely revisited today, like Rubycon Strange by the excellent Michel Goguelat.

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