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i am not sure if this topic hasn't been around. i understand that real music lovers listen to unplugged records of real concerts but for some reason i like also synthesizers.

i could present this post with music from the 70ties-now but for now i choose 2016 as it is the last one and it is still resonating.

be sure you have loud speakers and tolerant wife, neighbor etc...

...interrupted due to atmospheric interference...
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My favorite legendary sitar performance :) YouTube
I like Bill Bailey's duelling Sitars YouTube

I like many genres of music and that includes synthesisers. From Tomita to Tangerine dream, from Stockhausen to Eno all of this adds to the rich soup of musical experience that drives the music of today.

OK I kind of wish the orchestra stab had not been foisted on the world but we can't have everything.
Scott Joplin introduced me to Miwon (JigsawTooth CD) , a German composer of electronica, really beautiful rhythm and sonic textures - completely 21st century - thank you Scott.

Phase introduced me to Paco Osuna (Long Play CD) a Spanish DJ who plays the hardest most unsettling techno dance music I have ever heard, and it is wonderful - thank you Phase.

The production on both albums is outstandingly good. And I will admit, not to everyone's taste. But then, although I have listened to electronica for over 40 years, I have also listened to everything else as well.

It's all good. ToS

To the OP, just listened to the Astrix tune on YouTube - just lovely Psytrance - thank you:)
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I had a listen - very impressive bass line, although (for me) as a tune it lacked structure, and a bit too long, but otherwise very impressive sonic events combining bass pulse with extreme stereo specific transients. I listened on my ATH-M50x headphones which handle just about anything, but I reckon most loudspeakers would be hard pushed coping with this one. ToS
I also have an iPad filled with music apps of all kinds. Apple's touchscreen changed home and portable music making overnight. Fantastic software based musical instruments out there. Try anything by ApeSoft and you cannot go wrong. Great thing about the iPad is you can record, create, master and then upload entire albums. Yumski!
I have my iPad connected to a full size 61 key midi controller and a Focusrite Scarlet 214 interface. (You have to use a powered USB hub to make it all work.) It sounds great.

I have Cubasis for a DAW, and it has a few good built in synth and drum apps, especially Micrologue. I have several synth apps. My favorites are iPolySix, iSem, Sunrizer, and Layr - a really powerful sample based synth. I also have Ravenscroft 275, a very realistic grand piano app.

I need a few more, but I'll wait until Korg has their next sale. I want to get iMonoPoly and Module which is their piano, electric piano, and organ app. It's really good but ends up costing about $80 when you add everything to it. They should have a half price sale soon.