DrBA horns at sphericalhorns.net


Everything started with this work here:

Now, after a long time of research and programming I would like to introduce my new website:
Sphericalhorns – This is an exclusively private blog about spherical horns without any commercial interest.

The first two theoretical "papers" have been published and the next is in the making for the Kugelwellenhorn. This would be also the time when I will provide my spread sheet calculator to the community.

Have fun!

Thanks for your feedback! You are welcome!

Is is quite cumbersome and time consuming to write all these formulas and prepare the pictures for a web page but it is necessary as most things are pure math.

The good thing is that first BEM simulation with help out of this forum here showed very promising results and therefore I hope that some day one of these horns come really to life.

In a few hours the new post about the spherical wave horn (Kugelwellentrichter) will be online. It was written in German because of the reasons described in the post. Using a translator should work well.

So, you will need some time to read all the stuff as I need some more time to prepare the corresponding spread sheet for the community.

Enjoy the post!

As I had no reviewer it would be nice if you could report any identified errors here. Thanks!
Dear all!

The first official version of my spread sheet calculator is available here:
Download – Sphericalhorns

I assume that Microsoft® Excel is required as it's VBA code is something different to open source office products.

The main purpose of this calculator is to export a point cloud file. You will need additional tools/programs to generate a printable file!
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Yes, this might be the trade-off. Using Excel VBA was a distinct decision and without it I would have never reached this level. I had to buy a license for myself. There are currently no plans to publish an older version of Excel. But so far as I know there exists an offer for a 30 days trial period for office products. And very good that it will not run on a MAC :D