Does this explain what generates gravity?

In this household we believe in the Standard Model of Physics:

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Einstein revisited them.

Indeed: "Later application of Einstein’s theory of relativity to Maxwell’s theory showed that electric and magnetic forces are not separate but are different manifestations of the same thing - the electromagnetic force."

"Oliver Heaviside's contribution was to greatly simplify Maxwell's 20 equations in 20 variables, replacing them by four equations in two variables. Today we call these 'Maxwell's equations' forgetting that they are in fact 'Heaviside's equations'."


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I atempted to explain the link between relativity and electromagnetism by way of Lorentz contraction back on page 62.


There's a full explanation, including frames of reference, here:

"We are forced to the conclusion that whether a particular force on an actual particle is magnetic or electric, or some mixture of both, depends on the frame of reference - so the distinction is rather artificial."
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