DIYA store "Wolverine" (Son of Badger) .... suggestions ??

I'm just in the process of getting everything I need for my build as I wait for the boards, but I have a couple questions?

The Aluminum Plate Heatsinks - What Is the max thickness that can fit on the board, as I would like to tap the holes and not use nuts.
Inductor - I have 15awg and 17awg magnet wire on hand, can I use either, or should I order some 16awg?
Resistors - Any thoughts on using YR1 series, or just stick to the BOM.

1. Someones else can reply regarding the max thickness of the heatsink plates.
2. Yes you can use 17awg (1.15mm). I suspect a coil with 15awg (1.45mm) might not fit. Since you have the wire, make one and try.
3. You can use any resistors that you like if they fit. However you need to be careful of the wattage. If it says 1/2W don't use 1/4W.
Hello Stuartmp, today well received your pcb, it is packed very safe and high quality made.
However I report my order EF3-4 front-end board, seems you wrong packed EF3-3 for me. Pls chk my posted image and carify 🙏


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Boards came today. They look great! Thank you Jeremy for the shipping & thank you to all involved in the making of them. Gonna be powered by a 70v 2000va SMPS in a 4U 400mm chassis. Beasty! :)

Got most parts needed already here but the darn OPS and 992's are back ordered. The 4281's maybe end of the month but the 4303's don't even show a delivery date. :rolleyes:
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And the build begins!😊

Starting with one small input board.

Took me like 4 hours to measure and match everything and cross and double check values and solder them in. Haven't cleaned the board yet since the initial blank pcb wash, will do the diodes next and give it a good clean then the transistors and another clean before caps etc.


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2012-05-12 7:20 pm
Your logic is flawed. If this was a commercial venture or a "cash grab" as you put it earlier, why wouldn't they want to sell as many as possible? Why is the GB now closed?

Why do you continue to badger people here? You've been whining and complaining for 3 days now. And nothing has changed. That should tell you the following: even if everything you've said is correct, obviously nobody here cares. So sadly, you'll just have to suffer through this great unjustice. Please stop polluting the thread.
I was the person who wrote the words "cash grab". I did not post again as I did not see any point in it. It's sad how the self-righteous are so quick to condemn, even the wrong people.

I stick with my opinion that the schematic should be made available. PCB cad files are not included in my opinion, just the schematic.
This is just an opinion tho.
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