Digital transformer

I don't have experiece with it jet.

I'm still running things in my head and trying to figure out how to go with my DAC. Right now there is a new DAC with I2S feed inside the player but I would like to be able to input SPDIF from PC also....

Anyway, this transformer seems to be one of the strongest candidates for my project which is reasonably priced and available in Estonia.

First you start with.........

No...... you guys don't want to know....


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It's rather easy the make a transformer yourself if you know how to do it. It's very important to make it right in order to get good noise isolation.

There was an article in Elektor and in the swedish Allt om Elektronik issue 11, 1999, a few issues back in the english edition.

I recommend you to read the rest of the article. There was also drive circuits.

The transformer from Pulse Engineering is for pure isolation, 1:1, rather good!


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More scientific

The Elektor transformer seems to be rather advanced in it's simplicity. The Pulse Engineering transformer has also advanced winding technique.

Your transport has probely transformer output and your DAC (if it's commercial) has also a tranformer input so why do you want an another transformer?

You haven't any optical output? This is superior if you want to isolate from digital noise, which is a lot...


2001-11-16 8:30 pm

... im making my own D/A so no it hasnt any transformer, not yet.
The transport has got a transformer output but no optical.

Really i am more into buying, due to lack of time. But if the results can be good on handmades why not?!

Acctually i was looking for comments on "commersial" products, but as always everything slips in to DIY.

Harry, you dont seem to like the LL1566, any other "buyable" transformers you could recommend?