Did I kill my Philips CD-60?

I replaced it because my unit had a problem, and I had read that this cap causes trouble.
The original blue cap had the gray stripe closer to the edge of the PCB, so I oriented the new cap's green stripe the same way.


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Please read the entire service manual. I've generally found them to be well written and useful.

Does it have debug flowcharts? The one I used had to be done in sequence.

It may be that the combination of mounting and tilting the unit as in the picture makes the CDM mechanism level.
@bajjisw I have been through the entire SM, numerous times. The Fault Finding Tree calls for Service Positions 0, 1, 2, and 3, yet nowhere does it depict them.
I have attached a section of the Tree. The remainder of the tests require two Philips Test Discs, which cost $200 and $250.
I have also attached a portion of the SM from a different machine, which would be more helpful to someone at my level.

@electron-ic I will get a digital multimeter, then I'm sure I will have some questions for you!:)


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