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I gave my unit to an older audiophile friend. He absolutely loves it. It really sounds great and is so easy to use!

The old unit had a Xonar sound card and connected via toslink optical. Going into a Bryston SP-3 so any interface(XLR, RCA, Optical, USB) is available.

I would like to make another for myself, what is the suggested latest HW recommended? I didn't see any of the fan less micro PC's with an optical option.
I think any NUC/mini PC would do, although if you like to use upsampling to high sample rate DSD or use other DSP things like REW that might require a somewhat better processor. I have an older Intel I5 which is running at a low clockspeed chugging along very easily. It was an older mini-PC but serves this purpose very well and was a steal when I bought it secondhand. If you compare any reasonable modern NUC it is easily much more powerful than a RPI.
Dear all, I have a problem with my installation of Daphile on a Zotac miniPC, reading files from my QNAP NAS.
I'm using it since years, but I have the problem that sometimes it does not recognise the drives and I have to manually push on the "Retry" button, or restart the PC. It's only happening sometimes, not always, and it's driving me crazy!
Any suggestion? Drive is connected as CIFS
Thanks, I've put a request in

I did some digging on the musicbrainz integration, it looks like gracenote (and freedb) use a discID calculated from the cd details to provide a strong one to one match, this isn't a mandatory field on musicbrainz so its likely CDs that daphile can't find are in musicbrainz however there isn't a direct match

I tried ripping this album in daphile last night and no match, yet is in musicbrainz - with no discID populated and 3 options for the 16 track album it can't return the tags

my specific version is the UK one (no discID)

I suspect @DRONE7 if you have a look in music brainz for some of the CDs you couldn't get the tags for in daphile they will be present in musicbrainz
Hi all,
Sorry for quoting this pretty old thread. Just wanted to ask if anyone know if the latest versions of Daphile made any progress on the metadata/tagging question? I'm still on a pretty old version and thought I just ask before trying, e.g if there is any point of upgrading.
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Here's some screen grab.
The editor is available in the CD Ripping section

I've been using Daphile for many years now and it has always worked perfectly. I updated to the latest firmware a couple of weeks ago and also started to use Spotify connect instead of Spotty app (in iPeng). Now... everytime i have used the server one day, the next day it wont play. It says it's playing but it's not, and I can't stop the music (although it's not really playing) it just restarts the song but still no audio. Everytime I have to restart the server and then it works again. I'm using the server on a headless pc so it's hard to follow what might be happening. I thought it might have to do with Spotify so I disabled the option but to no avail. Really annoying, anyone know why this happens.
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You shouldn't upgrade Daphile unless you really need one of the newer features. I thankfully have a bunch of older versions that I need to go back to, lesson learnt, run with the oldest possible version that your hardware supports. Upgrading isn't worth it, and if you do you're on your own.