DAC AD1862: Almost THT, I2S input, NOS, R-2R

Hi guys! It's a funny question but I see there a few different version of the Miro's Dac. I mean a different soldering and details but it's not complete as for list of components (first page). So what parts do I need to buy? I already looking of farnell and mouser and there are no necessary parts (resistors, film capasitors).
I haven't ordered yet - still looking.
I understand what you are saying and understand this can be quite frustrating. My background is mostly in building kits. Complete kits that have all the components and instructions for assembly. Building up a kit is quite a bit easier than what is undertaken here. I didn’t have to read much before I realized how little I actually knew about electronics. That said, with the help of this group I’ve managed to build a really nice amplifier (F6) and am now building a dac.( I want to be on Miro’s list of those who have completed his AD1862 dac) These are things I could never accomplish on my own. The support offered here makes the difference. This is truly an amazing group whose depth of knowledge is phenomenal. If I may, read the entire thread and take notes of any changes and begin putting together a complete bill of materials ( bom) that represents what you think is required. Then post it to the group and have them respond with changes or suggestions. At some point you will arrive at a satisfactory bom. Mouser has become my go to for 90% of needed parts. Unfortunately you will have to use several suppliers as some will have those exact parts and others won’t. You must expect that and just roll with it. Try to be patient , a quality I’m working on.
The other complication can be getting the pcb’s necessary. Whether you have them made or get them from a member knowing exactly which one’s can be tricky. I’m terribly sorry for the long post but perhaps you touched a nerve, so to say. I’ve learned I need to be a lot more organized to see this through. I started down the diy path because of so much hyperbole when it comes to hifi equipment. Everyone it seems claims theirs is the “best”. Then you take a closer look and discover how ridiculous pricing can be for something you can build yourself. Bottom line,
trust this group to guide you and you will not be disappointed
The BOM for the DAC is on the first post and everything else including links to the relevant posts with files etc for PCB's are in the external link here:

Thank you! I will investigate.
I understand what you are saying and understand this can be quite frustrating. My background is mostly in building kits. Complete kits that have all the components and instructions for assembly.
Ok. I will try. Thanks
Quick question on the SPDIF/Optical input board, can I fit an external switch to select either SPDIF or Optical inputs or would it be better to fit 2x boards one for each input since the signal goes through that jumper? I need 2 inputs, either one of each or 2x SPDIF.

Ref Mouser projects, I have a BOM set up there I'm willing to share tomorrow when I sit at my PC.


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2014-01-26 8:20 pm
Hi Jim,
These are the Molex KK series headers, crimps and connectors that all mate together plus the Engineer PA 20 crimper pliers for perfect crimp jobs. 👍


Engineer Inc PA-20 Precise Universal Wire Terminal Crimping Tool https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002AVVO7...abc_1YKSJZ62RA73ZMQYZFXQ?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
Mouser BOM/Project links

Hope this is OK to share and helpful for those really new to this. Some parts are on back order due to global supply chain issues for electronics. You can use Mouser's search feature to find identical products in some instances.

If anyone sees any errors/omissions then please let me know and I will update.

DAC PCB v1.3 #1351 - excludes the AD1862 chips and the pin headers (assumes you will solder cables to the board). Based on socketed/DIL8 LM6171 opamps,

PSU1 #1460 - excludes a suitable transformer, otherwise fully populates the board with screw terminal headers for power in/out

SPDIF/Optical to I2S #2249 - excludes the 3.3v optical reciever - try TORX147, not stocked by mouser, check eBay/AliExpress

I2S Input Selector #2526 - assumes on board tactile switch and LEDs, if remote then you can remove item 1 and 2 from the BOM
Regarding the transformer,
The only R core transformers I could find were from China. Not necessarily a bad thing just takes awhile to get to the states. I’ve yet to test them but they at least look ok


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I’ve made some progress on EUVL’s Current Mirror I/V converter boards, one pair is soldered. Just checked the output DC offset using my bench supply feeding +/-12vdc:
Board #1 = less than 1mV
Board #2 = 6.5mV
These measurements are without any trim resistors installed! I’d say Ripster did a Fantastic job matching the transistors!!! Thank You :)
Vunce, do you mind giving us an update on this project? Technical details, but also subjective preferences welcome