Cut your own records!

Home acetate recorder perhaps, you cut acetate, not vinyl, as vinyl is too elastic for accurate cutting (but great for stamping for mass-production). Acetates wear much faster.

I'm intrigued what compromises have been made for the cutting head - some techical specs would be useful, hard to tell from the sound comparison they give it's very different from professional vinyl pressing, though that could be for any number of reasons - the bass seems to have acquired harmonics though.
My question relates to audio quality. Suppose you want to recor a vynil. From what source? A MP3? A youtube video? A cassette? A whatsapp audio? From another vynil? I don't see the advantage of have a "high quality" record with poor material saved on it.

This is not about the best sound quality. What do you think that?

Quality is not the issue, but nostalgics, mojo, novelty, etc.

Why do romantic dinners and expensive Restaurants still use candles to light tables?
While does the Queen of England often ride a horse drawn carriage?

If he can kickstart and sell a couple hundred, more power to him.

Exactly! We all have stuff we like and which is basically a complete waste :cool:

If you call those people fools, you are one too! Iron logic. ;)