Complete Novice Needs Help

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Hi Folks ,

I have just started to collect the parts for my first amp build . I have the PCB's ,matched fets , and 8 Jamicon 15000 uf 35 v caps for the Aleph 30.I will be using the amp to drive my K2 clone 2 way . In the future I would like to bi-amp and use the aleph on the HF and something else on the bottom end . But ,I have an amp to build and a lot to learn first :eek:

Like I said , I'm complete novice . I can see I will need a lot of learning to achieve this goal .

I'm due to have quite a big operation that will leave me pretty much house bound for a few months and thought this would be a great time to do something I have always wanted to do .

I have heard a good bit of Nelson Pass's gear over the past 30 years and have always loved the sound and design of his projects.

I'm not asking to be spoon fed , but if there a few among you that could help
me get going I would appreciate it greatly . I have a little understanding ,but best I forget what I have think I know and start from scratch with the help of people that do know ......

I'm not a lazy person, so even if its just a link to anywhere with the answer it would great .

The humble and excited beginner , Rich
Thermal Bonding !


I received the correct heat sinks today and now I'm looking into bonding the
fets ...

I would like some opinions on the best kind of product to use ?

The rear of the sink is not that good as to be expected with extrusion .

Ideally I need something with a gap filling quality..

TIA , Rich
flatten the contact face of the heatsink.
You can use a file laid on flat and crosscut the whole back face if the sink is really bad.
Follow up with coarse, then medium, then fine, and finally very fine emery or silicon carbide. I'm thinking grits 100, 200, 400, 600or 1200.

It should almost look like a polished flat surface when it is ready to receive your output devices.
Thanks for that Andy... It would be useful if you could suggest a product to bond with .
I was thinking if I used a thermal epoxy I could avoid all the drilling and tapping .
Or, I could mount the fets on 6mm x 40mm copper strip and mount that to the sink .
I have a few skills I can draw on !

use normal mica and thermal paste or thermally conductive insulators without thermal paste.

I would not rely on gluing them unless you have good test facilities to determine the fatigue life of the glued joint with the repeated thermal stress across the interface. I am told that the soldered joint inside the device suffers from fatigue cracking due to the thermal cycling.
thanks for your help Andy,

I get the feeling it can be a bit frosty round here for the newbe's :)

I will stick to the tried and proven . I have been using Conrad Electronics and RS ,are there any others here in the UK you could recommend ?

I have been treated really well by Birmingham Aluminium . They double checked all my calcs and then sent me even bigger sinks than I asked for ... Bless em .. there are still some good ones out there ,
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I get the feeling it can be a bit frosty round here for the newbe's :)

For the one's expecting to be spoon fed, it can get chilly. It's a great group, with immense amounts of knowledge, and always willing to help out. Myself, I went from really basic stuff to building countless amps all from just reading these forums.....lots and lots of reading.

Cheers John,

I understand , my comment was slightly dry :D
It was the same way when i joined Lansing ... Now I'm just like the old timers Grumpy as - uck when someone shows up expecting us to do it for them .

I learn fast and think about my questions . I wanted to build speakers and went to the best -IMHO and now I want to build amps I have done the same thing ,Found the best ;) You boys are the real deal ... The day I stop wanting to learn will be the day I don't hear the soil landing on the wood above me !

I'm sure everything I need is here for me once I learn how to navigate the site , but I am truly a novice ... I spend most of my time on wiki learning what things actually do .

I'll earn respect .....thats how it should be !


PS,and thank you . I'll consider your post my official welcome LOL
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I get the feeling it can be a bit frosty round here for the newbe's :)
it shouldn't be.
It depends on the Newbie's attitude.

There are some traits that I will not accept and I tell those Members in clear terms. Others are more patient than me.
In my view, if you do your share of the work/research then you will get all the help and advice that you could ever need and more.
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I've been collecting parts and the Chipamp sites Aleph boards to do a Mini Aleph and or an Aleph 30. I have boards to build both, and enough output boards to do Aleph 60.

I came along and began inquiring about my Pass F-5 build. I posted on both the F-5 thread, ( there are Aleph 30 threads a ways back) as well as the Peter Daniels F-5 board group buy thread.

Plenty of people lent a hand dumming things down so I could get my mind around the project. I've gotten responses to questions from Nelson Pass to Zen Mod and many besides, all very helpful. I tried to do my reading first so as to not ask questions too often that had already been answered a million times, but it invariably happens when there's a learning curve.

I'll be watching this thread,

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I hope by the time I get this amp finished and fired up you have found another bloody word......


you'll hardly earn any other word than that form Mighty ZM :clown:


just saw rest of your avatar pic !

oh boy - I knew that's Fugly!


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