any sub drivers in the UK?

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phillfyspoon said:
I knew about the av12 and av15 and wanted them so i sold my velodyne sub which cost me £800 to build one and they said stock would be couple of weeks that was over a month ago and now they are saying they are looking for a new supplier as aespeakers still havent delivered them. so it is doubtfull there will be UK stock but the av12 looks perfect it can go down to 16hz ina 140l vented box. I have exchanged over 10 emails with mcaudio and they still dont have them and they doubt they will get em.

Oh dear sorry to hear your plight :(

What Velodyne did you have?
If you don't fancy the pro subs or the importing costs then you could try a -long- session going through the better brands of car subs and modelling them in winISD. The later version has loads of car subs in it's database. Watch the x-max figs on them, some are low excursion compared to the adire etc stuff..

Just did an 18" JL in a ~300L (might have been nearer 400 on second thoughts) box. Did your -3dB @ 15Hz requirement.

btw - don't forget about room gain when you model, unless you actually want a boomy response in room. - For example in my room a sub would need to be modelled to -10dB @ 15Hz to be measured flat 'in room'


Do you reckon there's mileage in 15 inch subs in the UK? Might be worth Shadow Works putting some out, their 12 inch stuff is fantastic. Why not drop them an email?

After speaking with them some time ago I doubt Shadowworks will produce 10's, or 15's subwoofer for some time and mabye even never.

From a production perspective a 10's costs the same to make as a 12 inch woofer but its not worth the smaller mark up.

Plus you need find and test decent range of baskets for different sizes so it really is a big job.

If you look the best sales is often 12's anyway.
You've definitly got a point re: 10" manufacture vs 12".

There are 12" subs and 10" subs available to buy in the UK albeit very few. There doesn't seem to be any 15" subs available in Europe at all! (Specifically for home users) I'd imagine most decent oem manufacturers have enough baskets in their 'pro' range to adapt, leaving only the heavier cone, surround, magnet and voice coil to sort out:D Don't read much into this btw - I've no idea what goes into speaker r&d... I believe eminence built the shivas and tempest though..

It just seems odd to me that in a whole continent you're unable to buy a 15" sub.



Phillfyspoon - I'm suffering a bit too. I bought 3 tempests with a plan to upgrade to 4 when I could afford it. Ready to buy now but can't get one. If I sell my 3 on theres nothing to replace them with, and if I keep them I'm still one short.

How about the lab12 drivers? A bit of a fudge but 'kind of' near your f3 of 15Hz..


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Well, if we can work this out, I think it's better to send the whole order to the UK and then send one from the uk to me. I think that's the most cost efficient way, if you (Rob) are in.
Could you please email me an adress in the uk, so I can figure out what the cheapest way it is to ship it to Europe?
Oh and could one of you please find out how much it is to ship one driver (about 30 lbs right? not sure though) from the Uk to the Netherlands?

Phillfyspoon - what did you want - av12 or av15 ?

If you confirm I'll phone up AE and get some quotes for delivery to UK.

About to check now on import duty.....

Please bear in mind I'll only do this if it works out cheap enough for me - I can't go over £550 for 4 units.


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