any sub drivers in the UK?

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At the moment the only sub driver i can find is the peerless from wilmslow and that is quite exspensive. there are no stock from aespeakers and looks like there never will be.

I need a decent low fs 15" sub im aiming for a ported design which will go down to about 15-16hz -3db.

any help please? i dont mind importing if it is decent.
If finding hi-fi subs doesn't work out maybe try looking at some of the better pro drivers in big ported boxes..

These guys do pro drivers for decent prices (great service too!):

And for JBL stuff maybe these people (I've never bought from here though but I'm sure they're fine)

What about the RE xxx subs ? I've seen them available in the UK from car audio sites..


morbo said:
what is wrong with the peerless xls series?

He said it's too expensive, and he wants to port at 15Hz. Would probably need PR's due to the vent size / box size which adds to cost.

Also said he wants a 15" driver...

Personally I'd love to hear a pair of xls subs, with 4 or 6 or preferably 8 drivers per side, sealed and mounted push push.... I priced it up once though.. :bawling: :D Would have still gone for it if my room was 3' wider (enough to place the subs outside of my mains, against the side wall)


Ouch that is a lot! I believe its around $150US around here... I can definately see why its not as attractive in that case. You could always try Ascendant Audio, they may still ahve some atlas or avalance 15s. Also Oaudio will soon be selling the very nice 15" TC sounds drivers by the end of the month, I would take a serious look at them if quality is a main concern.
phillfyspoon said:
thanks I have tried them links and bk dont sell drivers anymore mcaudio does not either and the other 2 dont look suitible for my goals I might have two get a titanic from parts express only decent one i can buy overseas it seems.

Not true.

I just contact BKElec they still sell the Peerless XLS 10 and PR.

The Monolith driver which is a modified Lab12 IIRC may be available seperatly later in the year.

XLS 10's are £89 from Bkelec and the PR's are around £40.

A 2 or 3 XLS10's with a pair of matching PR each tuned low and a fair chink of power should be pretty damn good.
phillfyspoon said:
they have a lab12 is that the same used in minolith? what else do they have there site doesnt have alot.

The lab 12 is not the same as the one on the Monolith as I said erlier you can't buy the Monolith driver yet.

Uk has very little subwoofer drivers on offer, you could get the older line Adire Audio Shiva's, Tempests and Tumults in the past but currently we don't seem to have any importers for the brand.

Are you sure completly sure (you were wrong about BKelec) you can't get any Acoustic Elegence 12's (much like like Stryke AV series) from

Because they are fantastic drivers better then the older line Shiva's.

3.5 cubes net tuned to 17hz would be excelent.
I knew about the av12 and av15 and wanted them so i sold my velodyne sub which cost me £800 to build one and they said stock would be couple of weeks that was over a month ago and now they are saying they are looking for a new supplier as aespeakers still havent delivered them. so it is doubtfull there will be UK stock but the av12 looks perfect it can go down to 16hz ina 140l vented box. I have exchanged over 10 emails with mcaudio and they still dont have them and they doubt they will get em.
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