Amp Camp Amp - ACA

As for inputs being equal, can you give an example as I do understand?
Simple, swap left and right input leads round. If the left channel is now louder and the right channel is 'light' your problem is not the ACA, but your DAC/preamp whatever. You should also make sure the speakers are not the problem by swapping them round too.
Oddly, after moving things around, switching from parallel and stereo makes no difference in audio levels between speakers. I'm now wondering if I didn't have something connected correctly.

I'm going to run it for a couple of days and see if something changes (in theory nothing should), if not, id say we have a winner.

Thanks for everyone's help.
Hi rubah,
This Full Wave Rectifier circuit is all you want. Same as Zen Mod posted at #11156.
It will give you about 24 volts DC off load from an 18 - 0 - 18 volt transformer. (You can use a bridge rectifier package and just use 1/2 of it. You leave the -ve terminal disconnected.)
If you measure more than 24/25 volts then the transformer is putting out more than 18 volts AC or you have a wiring error.

If you want 2 positive outputs (not necessary) add another resistor and capacitor shown in dotted on the second circuit.
Thanks u Alan8844 and Zen Mod, u all help me alot 🙏🙏🙏🌹