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The first batch of kits has sold through. Those that have placed a pre-order for July - Everything is on track for on time shipping. This thread / post will be updated with additional details as they become available.

What Is An Aleph Jzm?

The Nelson Pass designed First Watt Aleph J is a classic. @Zen Mod created this version of the Aleph J to make the project more approachable to newer builders while maintaining the characteristics of the original. For more advanced DIYers and those that like to experiment, there are options to use a variety of JFETs and customize the circuit to suit personal tastes. For those that don't know Zen Mod, he was gracious enough to post a video to introduce himself and share a few thoughts. It can be found on YouTube.

What’s In The kit?

All the electronics components needed to complete a pair of amplifier PCBs, including 8 matched JFETs.


What Is Needed To Complete The Full Project?

At this time, a complete kit including everything required to complete an amplifier is not available. You’ll need a power supply, chassis, wiring, and a few other parts. Everything you need can be purchased directly from the diyAudio store and well-known retailers world-wide. Suggestions are included in the build guide, and/or you can customize to your heart’s content.

What Skill Level Is Required?

This project is intended for intermediate to advanced DIYers. It may be the perfect project after an Amp Camp Amp. Newer builders willing to do a little studying should have no trouble following the build guide. However, it is critical that builders know how to identify parts from schematics, match those parts to PCB locations based on the silkscreen, and have good soldering skills. Most importantly, all builders are responsible for their own safety and must understand essential safety practices and precautions when dealing with mains powered electronics.

Feel free to review the Aleph Jzm Build Guide in advance if you're trying to determine if this project might be for you. The guide will continue to be updated. The Aleph Jzm Kit Build Support thread is also available if you have questions.

I’ve Heard There Is A Chassis For The AJzm

It’s not only for the AJzm; it just happens to work really well with the AJzm. More details can be found on Modushop's website.

More to come....
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You're a gift. Thanks for the update! I know I've already built the original Aleph J Zen Mod edition but I am still excited for folks to try it, it's definitely different than the standard Aleph J. And this most recent version is probably even better with parallel sets of Jfets! Perhaps I'll build it too.


P.S. INCREDIBLE build guide. WOW!
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That is an excellent build guide!

Dang, I already have two versions of the Aleph J. Still, I am tempted to build a pair of these boards and swap them in place of the Aleph J SS. Taste test between the standard front end and wakoo ZM front end.

Using output FETs as singles rather than matched pairs has some advantages. There are some very capable devices with higher transconductance and power dissipation that would fit very well into this design.
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