Adding mid-bass drivers to 1.6 magnepan to handle 150-50hz range with active XO

Looking to increase movies action sequence thump, I am add stereo 8 inch subs (Dayton hf) to Maggie's to handle the mid-bass, I believe similar to how Martin Logan ESL do. I have a 15 inch sub for the lower frequencies.
Anyone do something similar?
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Do some searching here and at the Audiocircles forum in the planar section. Plenty of people do it. For it to be most beneficial, you need to cut those same frequencies from the Maggie, since that's the region where it struggles most with distortion and output capability.
Thanks.. I have an active crossover and dirac. Should I drop the gain on the tweeter 1db?

I know the panels can run deep, I just don't feel they have a lot of thumb for home theater.
I will cross the bass panels at 150hz which may or may sound better. Will see...
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The low-pass section is 12dB/octave. The high-pass section is 6dB/octave. The crossover is at 600Hz but -9dB.


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I built a stereo pair of a similar thing to a Linkwitz ripole and used it with some satisfaction with a pair of 1.6QR Maggies. I have since moved on to a GR Research pair of Hiframes using a pair of 12 inch active corrected drivers. It works well. Whatever you do I think it is important to try to use a open baffel type sub to get a good match with the maggies.
Okay. I suggest starting with the response of the stock crossover so that you know what the MG1.6 sounds like in stock form.

You have the hardware to do better dipole compensation than the stock speaker (which uses the crossover and bass panel resonances). The stock MG1.6 has a lot of boost in the mid-bass.
I like reading about these projects.
Improving on a commercial system that was left less than perfect (for whatever reason).

It's like the veteran / classic race cars that are run today by enthusiasts and are far better developed than they were when competing back in the day.

You could explore getting your Mags and the added mid bass drivers phase aligned, and the sub phase aligned with the mid bass.
I only speak from horn loaded experience though..
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