59L Tapped Horn

That Z312 or Z412 custom driver has TERRIBLE specs. I think it's ONLY designed for BR type enclosures.

1 note wonder.










That's more inline with the measured numbers and GM's txt file.

11" x 11" x 0.7854 = 95.03in2.
27.94cm x 27.94cm x 0.7854 = 613.12cm2.
Unfortunately in my haste I inputted 95.03 Vs the 613.12, so based on the original's 3:1 CR, 5.7319x horn/throat area ratio; scaled up it now sims Fs - 100 Hz DTS takes 38 mm Xmax/2 kW to reach 130 dB/m/2pi in a reasonably small ~218 L


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Yeah, the driver is terrible for music. It's a "burp" spl driver. Hence your ported car video.
Actually, falling back on Tom's original TH (DTS10) simmed being very close to attached, yet measured much more evenly with the help of a couple of acoustic dampers that can easily be EQ'd in room with DSP nowadays, though otherwise at ~ +/- 3 dB in the usable passband the room will dominate, so the only major variable is whether or not its surround and or its high Xmax will audibly degrade its performance, especially higher up beyond its XO'd BW even with an acoustic grill to damp it.


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Those modern high-power car audio drivers are not designed for SQ - they are designed for SPL. Trying to use their T/S parameters to come up with a reasonably flat design that can actually be built will be ... problematic. And you're not going to get the results that the model suggests anyway because of the high Le and impact of semi-inductance on the driver's response. For those types of drivers, I usually take the approach of "design for power handling - fix the response with EQ".
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