59L Tapped Horn

Page keeps crashing chrome on my phone for some reason? Ahh well. I'm assuming they must be neo magnets then, to me the magnet structure looks like a similar total magnet mass to a double stacked ring, (lots of airspace as opposed to solid magnet), and I assumed with that darker finish they were ferrite rods, but I guess not.
It’s 10” deep, xmax is 30 plus mm and power is a few thousand watts

Screenshot_20240512_230231_Samsung Internet.jpg
S1 and S4 has to be big enough for both drivers to fit.
So this makes sense, tbh I think I robbed the s1 number out of a horn resp tutorial lil mike posted once many moons ago as a place to start because I wasn't thinking logically. that was a decent enough tutorial though because I actually figured out a lot more than I had previously known.
If the two isobaric drivers are connected electrically in parallel, as is the case for the design being considered here, then Bl does not change.

If they are connected electrically in series, then Bl doubles.
I knew this at one time yet when thinking about this suddenly forgot it because I was thinking if I could make something like this work well enough in a small enough container I would make it part of my next bluetooth speaker project and was focused on wiring down to 2ohm in order to get the power from the amp chip I want to put in my bluetooth amp board.

I would do a 2 driver 84L TQWP = tapped pipe = straight flare tapped horn.
This is pretty nice and I may play with it some, originally the idea was to make a tapped horn small enough to fit behind the seat of a single cab 03 ford f150, most conventional sealed enclosures designed for that space give ~2 - 2 1/4, ft3 of air space so even in my modeling I had sacrificed quite a bit of SPL to make it small enough. That guy ended up finding some old junk 12s and I built him the typical sealed wedge.

I appreciate the input from everyone and will still probably pick u a few of these up just to play with. I am currently working on building a new center console for my pickup to house my dual Stereo Integrity SQL12s. Trying to decide if I go from front firewall all the way to rear wall and pick up another pair, second alternator and 6k amp, or just pick up a second 1700w monoblock for my existing pair.
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