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3rd group buy for Synchronous Bridge aka Ideal Bridge

3rd group buy for Synchronous Bridge & ZENO MKII power supply

Links to second GB and first GB

Here I start the third group buy for synchronous rectifier Saligny.
Prices are same as second GB and listed on google spreadsheet.
Those interested are invited to subscribe here Saligny - Synchronous bridge 3'rd GB - November 2020 - Google Sheets
Please note that prices do not include 19%VAT (only for EU) and 4% Paypal fee.

Here is what I offer:
Saligny LC - LT4320 based, the smallest synchronous bridge in the world, mainly because there are no other manufacturers that make these :) , only 10mm x 10mm, max100Hz, min6Vac to max40Vac and max5A continuous. Do not support centre tapped trafo.

Saligny Standard - LT4320 based, the bridge that cover almost all necessities, 28,2mm x 32mm, max100Hz, min6Vac to max 51Vac, max20A continuous. Do not support centre tapped trafo.

Saligny HVHF - based on AUIRS1170, the bridge that rule them all, max 100000Hz, min24Vac to max310Vac, from 3A to 10A, depending on voltage and mosfet used. This is a custom made bridge based on your requirements. Please mention in spreadsheet voltage, current and frequency, if higher than 60Hz. Support centre tapped trafo.

Saligny HVHC - A new upgraded version will available soon. This was temporarily removed from this GB.

Zeno MKII - ultra low noise regulator employing Saligny LC, able to deliver 4A and any voltage between 0Vdc and 15Vdc. Input - max 14Vac. Output - max 15Vdc.

My apologies for those who are expecting dual diode at 1200V. This is no ready, manly because of the final cost. I have used UnitedSic FET's and these are painfully expensive / wonderfully parts.
"Pain is so close to pleasure"

All orders will be shipped in payment order as soon the goods are ready. Due COVID restrictions, orders to NZ, may be shipped via UK.
All Saligny boards are hand made by me and my brother.

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Some more information about Zeno MKII.
This is a linear regulator based on Saligny LC and Linear low noise regulator LT3042.
Max input voltage is 14Vac.
Output, any voltage between 0Vdc and 15Vdc at max.4A.
An heatsink is needed for 4A.
This is the regulator that I currently use in Shiga MKII, Soekris DAC etc. and is a significant upgrade.


Hi tubo,

Zeno MKII is a complete power supply, this include rectification and regulator. Trafo is not included.
It may be made adjustable, but the potentiometer will add noise. Best is if you specify output voltage. The voltage can be easily adjusted by changing a single resistor.
33K =3,3V; 50K = 5V; 90K = 9V; 150K = 15V and so on.

Hi Tibi, the Soligny HP is not in the 3rd group buy. Will it be proposed later?
Do everything very carefully. The SARS-CoV-2 has started biting again.

Saligny HC did not made big interest, it was replaced by HVHC who make use of a high performance controller capable to work up to 320Vac.
But if you are looking for a low voltage and high current, than I can offer HC to you at same price as previous GB. You may add your requirements in GB list at comments.

I have read the characteristics of the Saligny Standard more carefully. Continuous load current up to 20A and over 200A pulsed current, maybe are enough for my project. A class A power amplifier with two indipendent power supplies ( 4 active rectifications will be needed ).
I simulate with PSU Designer and let you know.
Hi Tibi,

Subscribed for 4 zeno mkii ps. Will you be able to supply power transformers too? Can the LT3042 regulator be replaced with a burson regulator? I have some on hand and thinking if i can use them.
Ive used these burson regulators on your power supplies and i think they were an improvement.

Hi Tubo,

Thank you for subscribing ! Shipping transformer may cost higher than transformer itself.
I'm not familiar with Burson regulators.
Zeno MKII is a considerable improvement over previous version Zeno. It has higher current and lower noise. You'll love it.

Further to my earlier post concerning receiving the last GB items I have now received the rectifiers on the second attempt after four months.

Thanks to Tibi for getting them out again, and no thanks at all to the European/UK Post for being so bl**dy useless and failing to be able to deliver a small package to an easily found house in London that was correctly packed, addressed, and paid for. It was sent back to Tibi without intelligent explanation. Dur. Anyway thanks again, now to have a play with them!

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