3Dog Theater Now Open!

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Below are some smaller pics of my new theater room. It took about 4 weeks from bidding on ebay to finished product. Thanks guys for this forum...


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screen shot

screen shot from Spy Game...(I'm connecting via rca out of dvd to scaller that then connects to panel via vga...removed my macorvision and helped in pic quality) my screen shots are about 8 feet wide by 4 tall...


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System Info:

Lcd panel is nview spectra c

OVP is Buhl 2900 (460 watt halogen) 5500 lumens

DVD player panasonic rv32 (non progressive scan)

TV-3000 VGA Theater (line doubler-removes macrovsion) http://www.avtoolbox.com/tv-3000.htm

Screen 8 foot by 6 foot screen (i do not know the spec on gain it was given to me by a professor from a university)

When viewing 16-9 mode image is 8 feet by 4 feet. When viewing regular tv image is 8 feet by 6 feet.

(I will say that when I tested with PC and windvd the image quality is a little better in the aspect of being able to control the color more....however I will also say that it isn't as drastic as some have claimed it to be and if you do not want to go the route of htpc there are other options.)

plain white or does it have little glass beads on it?

Yeah the screen has glass speckle on it...I originally used a pull down window screen I bought from home depot...It worked ok but it was only 7 1/2 feet wide so I needed something bigger...My Father-in-Law came thru with a screen they were going to throw out at a local university. (I can say it did make a difference)

Something that helped alot was the ability to dedicate a room to this...I put this drawing here to show how about $70 and you can buy enough black to cover your walls...which is good for hidding wires/ and blocking out the bright light from the overhead. I used thumb tacks to hang the curtains (They do a great job in holding the material and not damaging the walls...very easy to take down if you need to)....The lights on each side I got at Home depot for about 8$ each and are dimmable...great for ambient lighting...


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Yes I can run direct from dvd to panel via composite or svideo...however there are 2 reason why I use the TV-3000

(1) It removes the macrovsion. (if I run dvd direct to panel via composite or svideo the picture brightens and darkens about every 6 seconds...) Now I run svideo to tv-3000 and vga from tv-3000 to panel.

(2) I wanted a way to hook my cable up so it would be esay to switch from dvd wating to television.


Thanks so much for posting info on the Macrovision issue - now I want to try this project again. One question on your set up:

What is the throw distance for your 8ft wide screen (distance from projecting OHP lense to the screen surface)?


Rich B.

My OHP lense is around 14 feet away from my screen....give or take a few inches....There is a diagram of the room layout a few post back that you can kinda refer to that shows the room 15 feet long...the Red Box in diagram is my couch and the back of it is 12 feet away to the screen.

Excuse my ignorance here, but do you know why it brightens and then darkens every few seconds?
Something else, what exactly is macrovision? Is it kinda like pixelation or is it what you just described, the bright and dark sequence?

Thanks for your help,
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