crossover design

  1. henrylrjr

    Three way crossover question

    Hi all, The attached sketches are of outboard 3 way crossovers I designed and built for use with B&W P6 speakers. I'm hoping someone can tell me what order it is or what it would be called. And does it seem a reasonable design? The speakers are connected to a system including an OPPO BDP-95...
  2. coresta

    Any interest here for PLLXO ?

    Hi ! I've been working successfully on this type of crossover and ask myself if somebody would be interested in using these on a home multiway system ... :rolleyes: I'd see a "plug and play" black box with a CF tube amplifier inside . Freqs would be fix ,12dB slope only. :hohoho:
  3. V

    Crossover for BMS 4590 driver

    Does anyone have any schematics for any proven "custom" crossovers for the BMS4590 ( 8 ohm ones) I have been unsucessfully attempting the flatten the response of these drivers by adding notch filters etc. ( running in a 200hz Le Cleach horn crossed actively @ 350hz) I have looked on the web...
  4. AllenB

    Introduction to designing crossovers without measurement

    This tutorial is designed to get you started and tweaking a decent crossover… whether you're new to crossovers, or have built speakers before and are looking for a design method that relies on listening and doesn't require measurements. The acoustic concepts apply to an active or passive...
  5. X

    Question about X-Over Pro

    Hi, I'm new to the forums =) I'm building my first set of speakers. For the crossover network design I'm using X-Over Pro. The speakers I'm gonna be using are: Woofer: Dayton DA175-8 Mid: Dayton DA135-8 Tweeter: Tang Band 25-1719S The problem is that the tweeter is rated at 4ohms while the...
  6. chatziva

    MTM design

    Hi all I own a Cygnet MK2 kit which I bought from madisound. Overall they are very good budget speakers but there some things that I dont like about them: The bass sounds sort of paper-y, like tapping a cardboard box or...
  7. Pano

    Fast, fun, Inexpensive OB project

    Thread Index Please go to posts #2500-2502 see the latest version of this project. There you will find the current baffle plans and crossover schematics. For explanations of how the crossover works, see post #1388...
  8. B

    Phase Reversal in 2nd Order Crossovers

    I've come across several sources that indicate that there is a phase reversal with 2nd order (12db) crossovers. I've seen several 2-way designs that recommend wiring the woofer backwards (connect positive of amp to negative of woofer). And in 3-way designs, that the midrange be wired...