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Salas Board Minikits and Full Kits

Posted 16th September 2011 at 01:37 AM by Tea-Bag
Updated 30th April 2017 at 09:56 PM by Tea-Bag (expanding for all kits)

Here I am going to post some semi-commercial information regarding the minikits.

BIB or SSLV1.1
Make sure to read the full BiB build manual before ordering parts. The link is posted below.

It is essential you understand and purchase for the correct voltage type and range you need for this kit and additional parts.

The purpose here is to report what parts are included in the minikit, and which are not.
This will assist builders in getting the correct parts that are not included in the minikits.

The minikits are made for one of the three sections of the PCB. The board itself can hold two positive and one negative rail type supply.

The kits are purely optional, and are sold to assist the buyer who may not be able to access the resources needed to gather the specific parts.

There are four kit types described below. IRF for voltage 5.5v - 45v in positive or negative rail, and the BJT bipolar's which support lower voltage.

What is NOT included.

No caps, connectors, pots or resistors for set adjustment. No Rx01 resistor, rectifier diodes or stand off screws. No PCB, that's seperate

Mica and small bolt washers are included. The mica may break in transport. Forgive me.

Positive Rail IRF+ (5.25V-45V)
4-Green LEDs
6-Red LEDs
2-1R MBB0207 Vishay-Beyershlag .6W 50ppm
2-270R MBB0207 Vishay-Beyershlag .6W 50ppm
1-47R BB0207 Vishay-Beyershlag .6W 50ppm

Negative Rail - IRF- (-5.25v-45v)
4-Green LEDs
6-Red LEDs
2-1R MBB0207 Vishay-Beyershlag .6W 50ppm
2-270R MBB0207 Vishay-Beyershlag .6W 50ppm
1-47R BB0207 Vishay-Beyershlag .6W 50ppm

Positive Low Voltage BJT+ (2.5-5.25v recommended) (Deprecated by Salas Reflecktor-D board and kits, but some available upon request only)
4-Green LEDs
6-Red LEDs
2-1R MBB0207 Vishay-Beyershlag .6W 50ppm
1-270R MBB0207 Vishay-Beyershlag .6W 50ppm
1-47R BB0207 Vishay-Beyershlag .6W 50ppm
1-27R MBB0207 Vishay-Beyershlag .6W 50ppm

Negative LV Rail. BJT- (-2.5-5.25V RECOMMENDED)

4-Green LEDs
6-Red LEDs
2-1R MBB0207 Vishay-Beyershlag .6W 50ppm
1-270R MBB0207 Vishay-Beyershlag .6W 50ppm
1-47R BB0207 Vishay-Beyershlag .6W 50ppm
1-27R MBB0207 Vishay-Beyershlag .6W 50ppm

For IRF+ and IRF- kits, I can substitute IRF9530 or 530 for the CCS transistor. This can get CCS currents beyond 900ma to 1.5A with adequate sinking. There is a slight performance hit in speed of the power supply, but is needed for some projects to have adequate 200ma headroom. Please ask for this when private message reply is sent with your payment information.

SSHV2 Minikits

SSHV2 FULL KIT - Does not include board (And no BIG heatsink for IRF840) See below for transistor and resistor sub parts.
2-20ma Red LED's
2-Supertex DN2540
2-Fairchild KSA1381ETSU
2-TO-220 Mica Insulator
3-12v 1/2W Zener
2-Keystone plastic washers (above is transistor kit)
2- Dale CPF 68K 2W 100ppm
1-KOA M/F 1/4W 100ppm 1.82R
1-3296Y Bourns trimmer 1/2W 100ppm 200R
1-3296Y Bourns trimmer 1/2W 100pppm 1K
3-MBB207 Series Vishay-Beyshlag 1/4W 50ppm 100R
1-271 Series Xicon 1/4W 50ppm 10R
1-271 Series Xicon 1/4W 50ppm 1.8k
1-271 Series Xicon 1/4W 50ppm 470R
1-271 Series Xicon 1/4W 50ppm 220R (above to 68K resistor kit)
1-Molex 4P Fixed Terminal Block Black
1-TE Connectivity 2P Terminal Block
2-274-1AB Wakefield TO-220 Heatsink
1-647-10ABP Wakefield TO-220 Heatsink
1- Solen 10UF 400v Film Cap
1-Solen .33uf 630v Film Cap

Salas Folded Simplistic RIAA

This again is NOT a full kit. It covers most parts for power supply, and a few parts .
mentioned below for the RIAA section (which includes R13)

, BC5X0c's and 2SK117GRs are included for your measuring, not extra parts in case it blows up! Lets not hope for that!

D1-D4x D1x any red, D2x-D4x two yellow one green. (5.83)
D1-D4 - RIAA section, two yellow, two green (7.80v)
6-BC560C Fairchild High HFE Q3x
10-2SK117GR Q2,Q3,Q5
6-BC550C Fairchild HIGH HFE Q4x
2-Vishay CFP 15R 100PPM metal film 2-3W R1x
2-Vishay - MRS25 Series .6W 6.2K 50ppm R3x (use high IDSS 2SK117GR)
2-MRS-25 9.1k R3x
4-MRS25 120R R2x,R4x
2-MRS25 33.2R R6x
MRS25 27.4R R6x (alternate for IDSS 2SK117GRs)
2-IRF9610PBF Q1x
2-IRF9530PBF Q6x
2-CFP 1.2K 100ppm Vishay 2W R13
2-Bourns 3296Y 1K VR1
2-Bourns 3296Y 2K VR2
2-KEMET 0.1uf 100v 5 C3x
2-Welwyn MFR4 1R2 1% 50ppm R5x
RIAA section stuff
2-4 position SPST
2-Vishay MKP-1837 .047 1% C1
2-Vishay MKP-1837 .015 1% C2
2-Wima 150pf 2.5%

Does NOT include 2SK369BL, 2SK170BL, 2SA970BL, Heatsinks, Ecaps which are available as extras.

DCB1 Black, White and Red kit
Sometimes small substitutions are made.
1-Relay diode 512-1N4001
2-10R Dale 3.5W
2-5R Dale 3.5W (alt)
1-TO-220 Heatsink for 7812 532-6237B
3-Nichicon Muse KZ 100uf 25v
4-MSRF860 Diodes
1=7812 slow start regulator
1-relay bypass cap 505-MKS02.1/63/10
1-Relay TQ2-12V-3 or equivalent
2-header male
2-header female
10-header pins
1-connector block 3 pos 571-1776119-3
4-Nichicon Gold Tune LKG 10,000uf 35v
2-Wima MKP10 .22
2-47.5R Vishay Dale CMF55 .25W Resistor
2-100R Vishay Dale CMF55 .25W Resistor
4-470R Vishay Dale CMF55 .25W Resistor
1-2.2K Vishay/Beyershlag .6W Resistor
1-10K Vishay/Beyershlag .6W Resistor
1-47k Vishay/Beyershlag .6W Resistor
4-221R Vishay Dale CMF55 .25W Resistor 0.5%
2-221K Vishay Dale CMF55 .25W Resistor 0.5%
2-1M Vishay Dale CMF55 .25W Resistor 0.5%
2-1R Vishay/Beyershlag .6W 50PPM Resistor
1-Matched quad Toshiba 2SK170BL
6-Random Toshiba 2SK170BL
17-Red 20ma matched LEDs

Reflektor-D Digital Power Supply Board

Part Position Quantity

Transistor kit

IRF9610PBF M1 1
MTP3055VL M2 1
2N4403TA 6
1N4148 alt Rxjd 1
1N5231B test jig 1
2SK117GR J1,J2 2 (J1 measured for IDSS)
LED Red (1.8) 2
LED Yellow (1.93) 2
LED Green (2v) 2

Resistor Kit
MRS25-120R R2,3,4 3
KOA Speer MF1/4 61.9R Rj/x 1
KOA Speer MF1/4 82R (4-5.5ma) Rr 1 OR MRS25-47R (lower IDSS 3-4ma)
MRS25-100R (higher than 5.5 IDSS)
MRS25-1R R5 1
CMF55 25PPM .1% 1K R6 1
CPF2-1.0R R1 alt 1
CPF3-1.5R R1 alt 1
CPF2-2.0R R1 alt 1
5W 20R Load Dummy Test 1

FULL KIT EXTRAS (includes above resistor and transistor kits and)

Wima MKP10 .1uf 630v C1 1
Nichicon Gold Tune LKG-10,000uf 25v 1
Nichicon Muse KZ 1000uf 25v C2 1

2P Molex 5mm pitch 1
4P Molex 5mm pitch 1
Wakefield 647-20ABPE M1,M2 2
Keystone washer M1,M2 2
MSRF860 Diodes TO-220 4

Does not include standoff screws or bolts/nuts for heatsink attachment.

Reflektor Mini Full Kit

The Reflektor Mini is useful for tight projects and for projects that require lots of extra CCS current. With adequate sinking this can do 900ma with 9610 CCS and more with 9530 CCS in kit. Please ask for substitutions.

1-Transistor Kit above
1-Resistor Kit Above
1-Panasonic FC 1000uf low profile
1-Wima MKP2 .1uf 5%
1-Wima MKP4 .1uf 10%
2-Molex 2P terminal block
2-Keystone 3049 Washer
2-Keystone 4672 Mica Insulator

DCG-3 Preamplifier Kits

DCG-3 Transistor kit

2-uPA68H matched-J1,J2 - 5%
2-BF256B-J3 - 4.5-5.0ma for 243 R3
2-DN2540N5-G-matched pair-M3 (VGS off 2.0-2.1v)
4-BC560CTA-matched quad-Q1,Q2 - 5%
3-WP2773ID 1.8v LED, Da,Db,Dc
1-8P Socket-U1
1-EA2-12NJ Rel

Additions for full kit
Resistors-All Dale Vishay per Salas request, except VR1. All resistors 50ppm except where noted. Close substitutions may be needed to fulfill stock.

2-CMF55-15Kohms 1%-Rb
2-CMF55-10Kohms 1%-R14
2-CMF55-3.32Kohms 0.5% 2-R1
4-CMF55-33.2ohms 1%-R4,R5
2-CMF55-332ohms 1%-R11
2-CMF55-332Kohms 0.5%-R2
2-CMF55-221ohms 0.5%-R3
2-CMF55-1Kohms .1%-R6
2-CMF55-499ohms 0.5%-R7
2-CMF55-33.2Kohms 0.5%-R8
2-CMF55-100Kohms 1%-R9
2-CMF55-1Mohms 1% -R12,R13 100ppm
2-CMF55-49.9ohms 0.5%-R15
2-CMF55-68.1Kohms 0.5%-Ra
2-CPF1 - 1watt 7.5ohms .1%-25ppm R10 alternate (high bias or headphone use.)
2-CPF1-1watt 12ohms 1% 100ppm -R10
2-Bourns-3296Y 20 OHMS-VR1-100ppm

Other parts
Molex Terminal Blocks 3P-2
2-WIMA-MKP2-100v .15uf 5%-C5
4-WIMA-MKS2-63V 1uF 5%-C3,C4
3-WIMA-MKS2- 63 .15uF 5%-Cb,Cc
5-Panasonic FC - Leaded 100uF 50V 5 Ca,C6,C7
2-WIMA MKP2-.15uF 100 Volts 5%-C5
2-TDK-MLCC 10pF 50volts C0G Tol=0.5pF-C1
2-TDK-MLCC 33pF 50volts C0G 5%-C2
6-Keystone Mica To-220
6-Shoulder Washer for To-220

DCSTB Power Suppy Kits
Parts for one side of Mirrored two sided board - order two for dual mono construction

Transistor Kit
2-DC10EWA - Kingbright LED Bar
2-PF5102- matched JFETs, J1,J2
4-MUR220-On Semi-D1-D2

Full Kit extras
4-Panasonic FC -2200uF 35v-C1-C4
4-Fuse Clips 5mm
2-Molex 3P-5mm
8-Panasonic FC 100uf 50V-C5-C12
2-CMF55-3.32Kohms 1%
2-CMF55-33.2ohms 1%-R1,R2
2-CMF55-100ohms 1%-R3,R4
2-MRS25-1R .6W 1%-RxJ,RyJ
2-Shurter or Littlefuse 400mw 250v (750mw upon request) 5mmx20mm slow-blow fuse
2-647-15-1.5" Wakefield Heatsinks for TO-220 MJE's.
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