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Gaga 10th May 2018 07:31 PM

Hmmm - should I go down with image sizes as well to a certain format here? Sorry, did not check possible rules...

augerpro 10th May 2018 08:22 PM

Bill> they get bigger if you click on them. I've seen some forums do this automatically now.

Christoph> very interesting, what was the step? BTW play with the vertical plane radius and see if there is anything to be gained there. When I send out vG for printing it will have an integrated .05" step versus the .015" of vF a few pages back. I'll also be including a shim for printing of about .03", so I'll be able to experiment with .08", .05", and sanding it down a little bit for somewhere around .03" should give me good trend data. Also going to revisit the phase shield size, and distance from dome.

fotsinijts 10th May 2018 08:54 PM

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Originally Posted by bwaslo (
Here's my basic design for a Unity horn type 3D printed throat in case anyone wants to take on the task.

If anyone uses this to make a horn, please post photos!

First I really want to thank you for the model Bill!

I printed these 2 weeks back and got them playing with some very thin wood and also no second flare.

I had to print them in two pieces since my printer is nog big enough and I really recommend printing it in one piece since parts this big will always be a bit different from each other and glueing can be a pita.

But, I got them together in a sort of ok way and I really enjoy them! The width now is 600 mm and height 380 mm. Did it quick and dirty with 6 mm wood that I lasercutted and glued together.

They do sound a bit nicer than my previous unity horns who where a bit harsh in the mid section due to too much air trapped in the chamfers to the mid ports I think.

Although I printed at a height of .3 mm and a infill of 70% (3d honeycomb) there still a bit more resonant than I expected and I am thinking of printing on time again in one part on a different printer and make a mold since I'm soon be making molds for other stuff so why not try that!

On my list is also to make one waaay bigger and with some thicker wood.

Here some pictures!

EDIT: I'm making some adaptors now to be able to attach a different mid that wil play a bit lower just to se how it works out!

bwaslo 10th May 2018 10:57 PM

fotsinijts -- cool! Many thanks for the pictures. I see you were able to print without supports -- I hadn't thought about being able to print halfs on-end like a whole one.

I printed mine at 40% infil, rectangular, don't notice any resonance (though haven't played sound through it -- but it seems really dense and solid per tapping on it). I had done one of my other bigger horns once that was quite resonant, it turned out that the settings for the print or printer(?) made for little or no attachment of the outer walls to the infil, like a barely-attached shell. I think I played with the extrusion width to get that cleared up.

Waaay bigger sounds interesting, keep us updated please! Have you done any measurements? If this horn is anything like my others using that driver, I think it will need some filler plugs put in front of the midranges to take up some front volume -- that should bring up the high frequencies toward the top end of the midrange band -- but too much fill and I think the response will start coming up again after the reflection notch (which would not be good - for easy crossover and distortion filtering it's best if the response stays pretty much down after the notch).

I hope this isn't too much Unity talk on this thread -- didn't mean to hijack it.

fotsinijts 11th May 2018 09:02 AM

It also surprised me that half the horn stayed in place since it looked silly seeing such a big piece standing on a small feet!

The resonance isn't noticeable when ticking on the horn than it sounds very stiff and strong, which it is, but I think the biggest reason now is that the weight is very low and the whole horn moves (it's just a little but I noticed it).

I haven't changed anything about my current settings on DSP which mean crossing over at 1100hz and that goes well, still a big eq bump up at the around 5k/20k but that just seems to be the BMS4550. But I got the idea the mids play as high as they did on my previous horn.

For now I want to finish the 3d prints with some spray putty, sanding etc etc! And I will send you some measurements next week if I have the time!

If anyone wants to try this I really recommend it! I just them even without extra flares which will result in lower efficiency and less controlled directivity but still, I really liked them.

bwaslo 11th May 2018 06:21 PM

fotsinijts -- can you post your STL file for the split mode for anyone who wants to try it that way? it would make the design feasible for a lot more people since that would work with a lot more printers.

Gaga 11th May 2018 06:50 PM

Hi Brandon,

Christoph> very interesting, what was the step?
The step with VarG was exactly 0.1inch.


BTW play with the vertical plane radius and see if there is anything to be gained there.
Will do... So far I simply ignored to optimize the vertical plane - and its radiation...:eek:

Harmonia30 21st May 2018 01:10 PM

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I am very curious about speakers drivers, so i show the tweeter and woofer in revel f36.

It' s not sb acoustics, but i supose itīs a cheap oem driver.
I think the Revel Concerta2 f36 image weel, have good bass, but lacks transparency and resolution, comparing to my martin logans and ribbon tweeters.

It also lacks transient response and the sound overall is veiled, i donīt understand why so many people loves them, at least with my expectations!

jzagaja 8th June 2018 06:03 AM

Anyone interested in Bill's waveguide printed at once?

jazbo8 8th June 2018 09:06 AM

Yes, I'm interested!

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