Zen4 vs. Aleph30

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The viewpoint of the designer is never that of the
consumer. I may have reasons to love/hate a
product of mine which everybody else hates/loves
for their own reasons.

Not only that, but everyone approaches these projects
with different needs, abilities, and tastes. There is no
absolute best, only differences.

Like good wine.

Aleph30 has a true differential input stage, that is superior to ZEN4 input stage. Input stage of ZEN4 is a compromise and a try to get better input impedance compared to original ZEN. True differential input stage of Aleph30 also ensures better DC stability of the whole circuit, that's why there is no need for an output capacitor.
depends on speakers

i switched from zen V3 to aleph30.
it's much better. i have rather small 4ohm 2way speakers (jbl ti1000). the aleph has more control, power, and precision. it need slightly bigger heatsinks and i used bigger transformers as well.

you could think the zen sounded somewhat smoother
but it didn't deliver the power and the bass was too dull. maybe it was the transformer also...
a30 -> a3

Koy said:
At first I made Aleph 30. And than I rebuild ( only change of some resistors) it to A3 which seems to me to be superior to A30 (with 4ohm speakers).


do you have to change the input stage for this?
- 10K -> 1K (R2 etc. -> R101 etc.)
- 100K -> 10K (R7 -> R104)
- no neg. input

what makes the difference in connection of the 220uF capacitor C102 (a3) vs. C9 (a30)?

probably the only resistor necessary to change is R16 (392R) -> R110 (100R)?

(apart from taking out 1 pair of FETs and 2 output resistors)
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Dull bass


I remember. Mr Nelson Pass said in another thread: "Zen V4 would be up to the task equivalent to Aleph 3."
So, I have thought there could be a bit different colors and tastes between ZV4 and Aleph 3.

But, the bass is dull...? Where is the DF 40...? :(

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Interesting, interesting…

As far as I know, Zen V2, Zen V4 and Aleph 3 and 30 have the same active current source, which works for the most part of the energy of the bass. Honestly, I feel difficult to understand the above bass sound comparison between Zen V2/V4 and Aleph 30.

I feel like that you are saying there is in general much difference in sounds among them. Is it…? Could I hear more detailed description…?

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