Zaph's BAMTM


2013-04-02 2:11 pm
Hello all!

This is my first post in this great forum, I'm a newbie in terms of DIY. After reading a lot of threads here, I decided to build Zaph's BAMTM, as these appear to have an excellent value and many satisfied users.

However, even after reading many threads with BAMTM in the subject, I still couldn't figure out, which amp fits these speakers best, or even which impedance the system has. If this is a FAQ, please point me to the answer, I honestly couldn't find it.

Another thing, just a matter of curiosity, Zaph's page seems to be last updated quite some time ago (2007), and Zaph's last posting I could find in this forum is from 2008. So my question is, is there any specific reason why there are no recent updates of his page or posts in the forum?

Thank you in advance!
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2013-02-14 6:16 am

The middle row of numbers on the left, and the line on the bottom of the graph shows the system impedance. This is a 4 ohm design based on the woofers impedance through out the mid bass. Any amp that can handle 4 ohms would be suitable.

Zaph's blog was last updated in Jan 13. He has taken a huge back seat from DIY, seems to have happened shortly after developing his own woofer.