Z100d Amplifier

Simple low disortion amplifier can any one help to make pcb?


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With corrected schematic it's ok. When positive input supplied to Q1 base ,Q1 will close ,collector current decrease, voltage drop on R6 decrease ,Q4 close ,Q5 current source pulls up all output positive ,output becomes positive .Errors in schematic were corrected .Now it should work ,except missing power rails decoupling .These are critical . I would suggest adding few capacitors ,to power ground ,close to output transistors .One smaller ,something like 0,1-1uf ,and one bigger ,like 470-1000uf ,for each polarity supply .Also , signal ground and power ground should not be mixed together directly , use a resistor of 10ohms to prevent ground float if not connected in power supply star ground.Normally power ground and signal grounds are joined together only at this place ,star ground .
But again ,simulate this first , to ensure there are no oscillation with resistor and capacitor values used .Sometimes a capacitor in parallel to R9 is needed ,estimate space for it on pcb .