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Hey there!
I've got this two way system worked on Xsim, driver files are measured on baffle. I wonder how bad is this square wave response at xover frequency?


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I just meant do you have a point of reference. In any case I'd suggest not worrying too much about square waves. (Though I'm impressed the capability has been implemented.)

If I were to suggest a use for the generator delay, one would be to wind back phase wrapping caused by measurement delay, so that you could see it better.
You can do it with microphone placed exactly in the mid point (height) between the woofers, but the distance to drivers will not be correct compared with the tweeter if you measure the tweeter in the same position/distance. You will also be slightly off-axis from both woofers, so response is not the same as perfect on axis. Better to measure them separately, more work but maybe easier to avoid mistakes. Is that Vifa C17 and DXT tweeter? In a Dali cabinet possibly?
I had a pair of the 104's too, thinking I would make another Troels C17 variant, but I was disappointed to find they had the (WG?) woofers with small magnets, not the WH. Measured Q was too high for my taste, and I did not like the bass much. I added a bucking magnet (improved Qes a bit) to one of them and use it in my DIY center channel though. I like the midrange from the C17's.

Not sure how you have damped the cabinet, but check the impedance curve of the upper woofer, you will have a standing wave around 130Hz or so, showing as a small bump in the impedance curve. Try to minimize this by adding extra wool or similar in the bottom of the cabinet. The standing wave makes bass sound 'muddy'.

I use the DXT tweeter in my Troels PMS inspired stereo speakers too. I think you can improve FR a little if you mount them flush and fill the gap around them. Looked like they were not recessed fully in your link?
I am playing around with Xsim, trying learn how to use it.
I am using "factory" FRD and ZMA files I have downloaded from Parts Express, etc.
Opened a new project, imported my Frd and Zma for both drivers (2 way design).
Can add circuits, etc. but can't see the curves on the graphs (SPL and IMP).
I can see the drivers (without filters) on the SPL graph, but can't see the System curve, or the Drivers in the system.
I've definitely clicked on them in the graph options, but nothing appears.

What am I doing wrong?:sick:


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The curves are there, but they are way up at 170dB.
There is something wrong with the data in your files.

I would download the frd and zma files again, as something seems corrupted.
I used my own frd and zma files in your example, and it looks all ok. So, definitely something wrong with your files.
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