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WTB NOS Philips BC560C w. kinked leads


2009-09-12 9:14 am
Hi all,

I am looking for a small batch (10 pcs ?) of NOS Philips BC560C with kinked leads.

Preferably from Europe, I suppose they are much more common over here as well.

Photo attached.




  • c560c-bc560c-transistor-pnp-epitaxial-silicon-transistor.jpg
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I might have some of these at home - I have quite a few of the BC540/550/560series. There are enough packages and boxes of stuff that I know that I don't know what I will dig up anymore. I use quite a few BC550/560 devices though.

No promises....

If you message me I will remember to go look when I am home!

Is there any special reason why you need the bent leads? It is literally a packaging thing, and nothing that a few minutes with a pair of needle nosed pliers won't fix for you!