Wow.. amplifier case.

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I generally hate to pay big money for enclosures, as it takes away from what I have available for quality parts for the project itself but:
I have paid $110.00 for an aluminum rack mount, ventilated enclosure from Mouser, and it looks no where near this good. If it was available for say $120 max, I would probably spring for it, for my best projects. Probably not available at my price limit though.
Sure are pretty!!!!!


The raw aluminium would cost about that or more for the entire chassis, depending on the type.

Add the milling costs

And the finishing costs..

That case could be quite expensive.

For my SOZ case, which is 19"W, 12"H, 30"D with 1/2" alum top, bottom, front, and back, 1/4" sides, and 1/8" fins every 3/8th down the sides, wholesale cost was about $400-$600. I went the surplus metal route.

Amazing how heavy a 11x30" 1/2" alum plate is.. hehe..

So, Anyone get a qoute?
pearl phono

I'm planning to use their smaller cases, the 3-unit power supply one, and the 2-unit preamp case to build my Pearl Phono/Aleph Ono unit. I think i'll get them in champagne.

Nelson, since your watching this thread, I'm wondering if you think it would be worth the time (e.g. sonically) to layout the Aleph Ono phonostage and build that rather than just use the pre-made Pearl boards? I'm planning to build an entirely seperate dual mono power supply anyway so it's just a matter of laying out my own pcbs or not.

Why use so thick aluminium in the case?
I think that 5 mm or even 3 mm is thick enough, no wonder that it cost alot of money when you make it that thick:)
It must weigh a lot!

The box I usually use for my amplifiers costs about $100, it's a 19", rack enclosure with heatsink on the sides (around 0,35K/side). It doesn't look as nice as the PWAD A100 though.


Anyone paying 400-600 bucks for a project case is kinda wacky in my opinion, unless you've got bucks to burn.
If my choice is between putting money into the circuitry, or into the cosmetics, then screw the looks. I just want great sound in my room. Not that looks aren't also important, I guess its just of matter of prioritys.

It was my statement of what I could do. The parts inside are of top quality also.

It weighs 200 lbs.

Who said project case? The 400-600 was the price of new aluminium, and I ended up paying about 250 total. I then milled it myself.

The reason? a 50w/ch son of zen.. 100w total.. dual 2KVA toroids.. it's a monster. Excessive Wakefield bond. Keeps the heat under control quite nicely, can touch it for a while. Show me a project case that can do that.

Sorry Arnach if I misunderstood you .
A massive case for Zen amps is pretty much called for with the heatsinks that are required for that circuit.
I would love to be able to roll my own from raw stock, but doesn't that require a big investment in tooling? For all the projects I do, maybe 2 or 3 per year, it wouldn't be practical for me to buy machining equipment unless I had another use for it.
Would be great to be able to custom build your own enclosures though.
The case looks eXy!

There are, however some things you should bear in mind before you order:

1. The sheet metal is too thin to by itself support heavy transformers.
2. The heastinks are unlikely to be well thermally connected. This might not be a problem and could be solved using a heat distribution plate if necessitated by your design.
3. Unless the "nut" where the screws go are reinforced, they are unlikely to last for long (depending on design of chassis of course).

I think it looks rather eXy or "Passesque" and might well have bought if available closer to home.

Again, may I say that I would REALLY like to be able to purchase original Aleph or X cases.

shipping weight

One thing I just realized that may be a big issue is shipping cost. It is hard for me to estimate how much one of those cases might weigh, especially if you consider the heatsinks. I do know for a fact that shipping heavy items internationally is expe$ive.

I learned this the hard way when I saw a 1500VA transformer on Ebay for only $25 !!. I thought it was the greatest deal of all time. Turns out it was a good deal, but only if you live in the UK. That is where the item originated, and it weighed 30 lbs. Shipping to the US, for the cheapest possible method, was $80! I ended up paying a lot more for that toroid than I wanted to. That was my lesson in international shipping that I won't soon forget.
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Based on other enclosures I've bought and looked at, I'd expect to pay $250-400 for the PWAD-A100, depending on the level of fit & finish (very hard to judge from a photo). I guess that is a lot of money, but it starts to look more reasonable when you factor in the costs of the extrusions, plate metal, and finishing work.
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