Wonted schematics of aleph1

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re. Aleph1

Hello HBarske!
Aleph1 is different than Aleph1.2.
First, it is capable of delivering much more current(50A peak) which I desperately
need for my electostatics, and second it employs push-pull when run out of "steam", so instead clipping it has additional punch. Basically it is A-class up to very high levels and after that push-pull.

Best regards!
A1 vs A1.2

Hi Reinhart!
I intend to build Aleph1 from scratch.
Do you think Aleph1 doesn't sound as good as other twostages Alephs?
Or A1 is overkill even for electrostatics? Maybe Aleph1.2 or Aleph2 is enough.
Any experience with Alephs and ESL.
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