Which woofer would be better for my dock?


2013-03-10 5:22 am
Hey all, I am a noob, building a speaker dock, it will be a 2 way, and I want flat monitor like response but decent bass, (I have audio technica ATHM50 monitor headphones and if these are monitors, thats what I mean, but a little more bass wouldn't hurt) I am unsure which woofers I should use?

These Dayton Audio DS135-8 5" Designer Series Woofer 295-426

These Peerless 830656 5-1/4" Paper Cone SDS Woofer 264-1078

or maybe these? if these what sorta cabinet should I make? 5" Peerless Composite Cone Shielded Woofer 299-968

right now I am thinking of a ported 1ft to 1.2ft cabinet, with two woofers and two tweeters (0.5 to 0.6ft each woofer)

Thinking of using these tweeters: Vifa BC25SG15-04 1" Shielded Dome Tweeter 264-1026
if anyone has a better idea please let me know.

Right now I am leaning towards the Peerless SDS woofers. :)
My pick for best quality would be the Peerless Composite driver, but unfortunately there is no FR or Impedance graph provided, which would put me off.

re:"I am thinking of a ported 1ft to 1.2ft cabinet" - I suggest you download Unibox, and enter the parameters of these drivers to see if they will suit this volume